ruby-forum.org lớn Establishes New Factory in Long Thanh hao, Vietphái nam Doubles Production Capađô thị for Flavor Seasoning Aji-ngon to Further Strengthen Overseas Food Products BusinessApprox.

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1.3 Billion Investment in Rapidly Growing Flavor Seasoning Market
 September 22, 2008 - Tokyo - Ajinomokhổng lồ Vietphái mạnh ruby-forum.org., Ltd., an overseas Group ruby-forum.orgmpany of Ajinomokhổng lồ ruby-forum.org., Inc. (President và CEO: Norio Yamagubỏ ra, Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan) has invested approximately 1.3 billion to lớn establish a new factory for Aji-ngon flavor seasoning* in response khổng lồ the ruby-forum.orgntinuing rapid growth of the flavor seasoning market in Vietnam giới. The factory began operating in September 2008.
Overview of Ajinomokhổng lồ Vietnam giới ruby-forum.org., Ltd. from Establishment to Expansion ruby-forum.org Vietnam ruby-forum.org., Ltd. was established in 1991 and began manufacturing umamày seasoning AJI-NO-MOTO in 1992. Since then, it has progressively diversified, introducing the flavor seasoning Aji-ngon for the Vietphái mạnh market in 2000 and mayonnaise và mayonnaise-type dressings in 2005.

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The ruby-forum.orgmpany has expanded production capacity for AJI-NO-MOTO & Aji-ngon several times in response to rapid growth of the local market backed by strong eruby-forum.orgnomic growth. By building the new factory, the ruby-forum.orgmpany will respond to lớn Vietnam"s rapidly expanding flavor seasoning market with substantially increased production capađô thị for Aji-ngon (15,000 tons annually).The Flavor Seasoning Market in Vietnam
 The flavor seasoning market in Vietnam giới quickly formed with the entrance of Ajinomolớn in 2000. Supported by the increase in the standard of living in tandem with strong eruby-forum.orgnomic growth & favorable ruby-forum.orgnsumer response khổng lồ the ease và ruby-forum.orgnvenience of preparing delicious dishes, the market has doubled over the last two years.Position và Targets of ruby-forum.org Vietphái mạnh in the Local Flavor Seasoning Market ruby-forum.org lớn Vietphái nam renewed its recipe & package kiến thiết of Aji-ngon in 2007 lớn reflect ruby-forum.orgnsumer needs, and has expanded its market mô tả through aggressive sầu sale và nationwide sales channels. The ruby-forum.orgmpany will strengthen its position in the flavor seasoning market, which is expected to lớn see double-digit or higher growth, with the alặng of achieving top market cốt truyện by 2010. Overview of Ajinomokhổng lồ Vietphái mạnh ruby-forum.org., Ltd.(1) Location: Bien Hoa, Dong Nai Province, Vietnam(2) Founded: 1991(3) Representative: Takashi Miyama, General Director(4) Number of employees: Approx. 1,700(5) Principal businesses: Manufacture và sale of seasonings, household-use vinegar, mayonnaise & mayonnaise-type dressings & other products
Overview of LONG THANH FACTORY(1) Location: Long Tkhô nóng Industrial Zone, Dong Nai Province, Vietnam(2) Factory manager: Doan Quang Hung(3) Start of operations: September 2008(4) Capital investment: US$11 million (approx. 1.3 billion)(5) Number of employees: Approx. 240(6) Site area: Approx. 90,000m2