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By including an anchor tag within a post or page, you can place link in the body of your post which when clicked allow the reader lớn jump khổng lồ another location on the same page.

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Using the ruby-forum.org Rich Text Editor

With the Rich Text editor, you can place anchors in your posts. If you prefer to lớn use HTML lớn code the anchor tags, cliông xã khổng lồ the Anchor Tag Code section.

First, you will need to place the anchor. In the Rich Text editor, place the cursor in the post where you wish lớn drop the anchor, open the Insert thực đơn, and clichồng Anchor. You will prompted lớn add an ID for the anchor. This should be something simple, not include any spaces, và start with a letter. For example, if you want to lớn place a links to lớn jump baông chồng to lớn the top of the page, you could name the anchor "top".


Next, you will place your cursor where you want the reader khổng lồ be able to jump & clichồng Insert Link lớn create your link. Any anchors you have created in the post will be available to lớn select from the Anchors thực đơn. Once selected, the other fields for the links will be completed. Click Insert Link và the link to lớn the anchor will be inserted into the post.


You can liên kết lớn the same anchor in multiple locations throughout the post or page.

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Anchor Tag Code

The anchor tag code will consist of two HTML elements. First, you"ll want lớn create the links.

If you are linking to lớn a spot on the same page, the format of the links will be similar to:Link Text

For example, if the text is "Read more about raptors!" then your HTML should look like this:

Read more about raptors!The above anchor links only works when you are jumping to lớn a specified spot on the same webpage. If you want a liên kết to jump a specific location on a different page, you"ll need to replace #anchor with the full URL for the page, similar to:Link Text

When composing your post or page, clichồng the HTML tab in the toolbar và enter the links code.

(click to view full size)

The second part of an anchor tag is the actual anchor. The anchor should be placed at the beginning of the line where you want to lớn start reading after you jump similar to:

Following our previous example, the anchor code will be:

When composing your post or page, click the HTML tab in the toolbar and enter the anchor code at the beginning of the line where you want khổng lồ jump.

If you want khổng lồ have the link use an image, switch out the text in the link with the code for an embedded image, like this:


You can upload images to Library > File Manager. Cliông chồng on the file"s name after it"s uploaded to lớn grab the URL for the tệp tin.