It may have taken Facebook a little time to lớn join the GIF party. Even now, the company makes it rather difficult to lớn use and upload your favorite GIFs. Facebook added a GIF option in 2017 and is still available for some versions of the social truyền thông media site. For others, there are plenty of options to create and upload your own custom GIFs or the most popular ones right inside Facebook.

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The feature lets you edit GIFs on your phone with captions, stickers, & drawings, time the length of clips, & convert your six-second videos into lớn GIFs on the fly. Live sầu photos- the iPhone photographs that capture a couple of seconds of the video clip before the image is snapped- can also be sent as GIFs.

How khổng lồ Add a GIF lớn a Post

Whether you’ve just created a GIF or you have sầu one in mind already, you can add these quirky images khổng lồ your Facebook Status. Tap the ‘What’s on your mind?’ box as you normally would and scroll down to ‘GIF.’

Use the Search function khổng lồ find specific content or scroll through the options available. Once you’ve sầu chosen your GIF, tap on it.

Type your status và post. If you have a custom GIF that you’ve created you’ll need lớn take a different approach. Create your GIF, copy it, then paste it inlớn your post. Facebook’s algorithm will automatically detect the GIF và upload it in the proper format.

How khổng lồ Add a GIF khổng lồ a comment

GIFs make comments more fun. Whether you’re trolling someone in a heated debate or you’re sending a Happy Birthday wish, they just make commenting better. To add a GIF lớn a bình luận simply tap the ‘GIF’ inhỏ, tìm kiếm or scroll until you find the perfect one & tap it. Post your comment.

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How khổng lồ Sover a GIF in Messenger

Sending a GIF in messenger is much the same as posting one in a bình luận. Tap the ‘GIF’ icon và search for the GIF you’d lượt thích khổng lồ tóm tắt. Once you find it, tap it và it will send through automatically.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make a GIF on Facebook?

At one time there was an option using Facebook’s built-in camera feature to thiết kế your GIFs withing the Facebook phầm mềm. Unfortunately the company phased this option out after recent updates.

Before these updates you could tap on the camera inhỏ then scroll to lớn the option for a GIF. From there you can create a GIF & proceed to lớn posting it as your status. If, somehow, you’re still running an older version of Facebook, you should see the option in the phầm mềm.

I made a GIF but Facebook won’t let me upload it, why?

Often you’ll have sầu trouble uploading GIFs that were created on third-các buổi party software. For example, GIPHY is generally accepted well, but others are not. If you’ve sầu created the perfect GIF và it will not upload, it’s likely because of the creation software you used.

When possible, try khổng lồ use GIPHY instead of some other apps when your intention is khổng lồ upload the tệp tin to Facebook. Of course, sometimes an out-of-date tiện ích can lead khổng lồ issues as well as a glitch. It’s a good idea to lớn wait it out a bit or update your ứng dụng if you are unable lớn upload a GIF.