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Your iPhone and/or iPad has several different ways of notifying you about a new text message, calendar event, a friend’s Facebook update … well, the danh sách goes on.

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Sometimes, you’ll get a little iPhone alert & a banner appears briefly at the top of the screen, while in other cases you may get a pop-up window that won’t go away without a tap. Then there are those little red badges that dot the trang chủ screen.

And here’s another wrinkle: depending on their individual settings, your alerts may appear on your iPhone’s “lock” screen (that is, the screen with the cloông xã, your wallpaper, & the “slide lớn unlock” control) and/or in the “Notification Center,” a summary of various notifications that you can pull down from the top of the screen like a window shade.

Confused yet? I don’t blame you.

Read on for a quick tour of the different types of notifications on your iPhone (or iPad), plus how to lớn change when và where they appear.

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Let’s start with …

The alert


You can tweak the “styles” for your various alerts in your Notification settings.

Here’s how:

Tap the Settings icon, then tap Notifications.Scroll down a bit, và you’ll find two big lists of iPhone/Máy tính bảng iPad apps: those that appear in the Notification Center, và those that don’t. Let’s tap Calendar for the sake of example.Want to lớn see Calendar events listed in Notification Center? If so, make sure the big green “Notification Center” switch is set lớn “On.” If you don’t want calendar events cluttering the danh mục of Notification Center alerts, switch the setting khổng lồ “Off.” Oh, & one more thing: you can still get banner or alerts for an ứng dụng that doesn’t appear in the Notification Center.Next, let’s go baông chồng up lớn the Alert Style section. Here, you’ll find three choices: “None,” “Banners,” and “Alerts.” Tap khổng lồ take your piông xã.Your next option is for notification badges on your ứng dụng icons: yes or no? Personally, I like my email accounts lớn have sầu the “Badge App Icon” setting switched on; for Facebook, though, I switched it to lớn “Off.” That’s just me, though.What about sound? Most apps have sầu the option for a beep, a buzz, or a ringtone to lớn herald your lachạy thử notifications. Usually, the setting for notification sounds is labeled, simply, “Sound”; for the Calendar phầm mềm, the setting is called “Calendar Alerts.” Tap lớn piông xã an alert tone or ringtone, or choose “None” lớn keep notifications for that particular tiện ích silent.Last but not least, you can decide whether you want an app’s notifications to lớn appear on the iPhone’s lochồng screen by tapping the “Show on Loông chồng Screen” on/off switch.

You’ll have to rinse and repeat these steps for each of your iOS 7 apps—and no, unfortunately, there’s no way khổng lồ change the notification settings for all your apps at once.

Bonus tip

Want to pause your iOS alerts và notifications? Just fliông chồng up from the bottom of your iPhone’s or iPad’s screen, then tap the Do Not Disturb button (the one with a half-moon icon).

You can also set Do Not Disturb on turn itself on và off by tapping Settings, Do Not Disturb. Switch “Scheduled” lớn “on” & then phối your preferred “From” và “To” times.