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Cơm Bình Dân meal in Saigon, Vietnam

Vietnam, with famous dishes lượt thích Pho và Bun Bo Hue, is especially well known for its noodles, which indeed are extremely delicious.

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But for myself, growing up eating rice every day, I can’t go more than a few meals without a rice based meal. Sure I love sầu all the Vietnamese noodles, but I still have sầu to have sầu rice.

Luckily, as I found on my most recent trip lớn Saigon, along with all the noodle dishes, there’s no shortage of rice either.

You’ll find street food stalls lượt thích this throughout SaigonCơm Bình Dân

Throughout Saigon, Vietphái mạnh, you’ll find và abundance of small restaurants & street food stalls that sell something known as cơm trắng dân gian (I’ll write it just as com binh dan throughout most of this article).

In Vietnamese the term literally translates to “commoner’s rice.”

It’s the Vietnamese version of economy rice in Malaysia or khao rad gaeng in Vương Quốc Nụ Cười, often considered a workman’s meal, including a plate piled with rice, served with your choice of a variety of dishes, all prepared and waiting to lớn be ordered.

Fried fish… tempting!

Side dishes can include things lượt thích deep fried items, curries, stews, braised dishes, & everything from pork to lớn beef lớn seafood.

Additionally, you can order your meal directly topped onto lớn a plate of rice, or served in side separate bowls – usually for a little bigger portion size và a little extra money.

While in Thái Lan, many of the rice stalls serve a selection of curries, in Saigon, at many of the com bin dan restaurants I ate at, many of the dishes were less spicy, và were more Chinese based – like stir fries, braised meats, và deep fried dishes.

The hardest part is choosing what to lớn order for lunch

Com bin dan is a meal that’s especially common throughout Saigon during lunch, when everyone from office workers to lớn construction workers, take lớn the streets for their lunch break, and look for something heavy and filling.

Just lượt thích in other countries around Southeast Asia, in Saigon it’s easy lớn find a com bin dan restaurant, because the dishes are nearly always displayed in a showcase glass cabinet, ready khổng lồ be seen & ordered.

One day while exploring Saigon, I stopped at a very typical com binc dan lunch restaurant along So 2 on Vuon Chuoi street, in a local Saigon neighborhood.

The food looked good & fresh, & I was hungry, so I decided to lớn stop for a meal.

Tender sautéed beef

Rather than ordering everything over my plate of rice, due khổng lồ my hunger for lunch, I decided lớn order a few plates of food as side dishes.

Though the owner of the restaurant didn’t speak English, she was extremely friendly, và I was able to lớn just explain to lớn her that I wanted separate plates of the dishes, which she easily understood.

As soon as I ordered, she quickly, using a plate covered in plastic, scooped hot rice from a giant thermos onlớn my plate, và then added a few pickled mustard green on top.

Fish steakFish

The first dish I chose was a piece of fish, sliced inkhổng lồ a steak, and braised (I think) in a sweet salty soy sauce.

The meat of the fish was dry và meaty, so I think it was a type of tumãng cầu. The fish was a little dry, mostly due to the type of fish, but it was hearty & I enjoyed it.

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Very comtháng and typical food in Saigon, Vietnam giới, but quite tastySautéed beef

Coming from xứ sở của những nụ cười thân thiện Thái Lan, I would have sầu lớn say that the beef is, on a whole, usually a bit better in Vietphái nam, especially at street food stalls. During my trip to Saigon, I ate quite a bit of beef, & really enjoyed it.

When I saw the sautéed beef available at this com binc dan stall, I ordered a plate. The beef was sliced thinly, & cooked with bell peppers & onions, và lots of delicious beef juice.

The beef was nice & tender, seasoned with little more than salternative text and a hint of black pepper, and along with my plate of hot rice, and some chilies provided on the table, it was delicious.

Stir fried squidSquid

Ying decided to order a plate of squid, which came stir fried with slices of cucumber và tomatoes, & garnished with cilantro.

The squid was surprisingly tender, not very chewy at all lượt thích you’d expect from squid, and it tasted quite fresh to lớn me. Overall, the squid dish wasn’t too flavorful, mostly just salty, and slightly sour from the tomatoes, but still, it was pretty good.

Minced pork wrapped in tofu – Vietnamese rice & curry dishesTofu stuffed with pork

Easily my favorite dish of this meal was a piece of tofu, stuffed with a mixture of seasoned minced pork, and topped with a chunky tomakhổng lồ sauce that included green onions.

It literally almost tasted like a meatball marinara, only with soft tofu wrapped around the outside, giving it a silky texture.

What I loved most was that wonderful tomatoey flavor, paired with the meat và tofu. I’m not sure what the name of this dish is in Vietnamese, but I did notice it quite commonly available at many com binh dan street food stalls throughout Saigon.

It’s definitely a winning dish, so if you see it, make sure to give it a try.

Anytime you see Cơm Bình Dân, you know you can find rice and side dishes

If you have sầu a few minutes, be sure lớn watch the video clip of this meal now – just press play:

(Or watch it here:


Cơm Bình Dân (com binc dan) is a Vietnamese meal of rice and side dishes, often served at makeshifts street food stalls và small restaurants. It’s a meal that people eat when they need something filling & substantial, often considered a workman’s meal, or as it literally translates to – commoner’s rice.

You get a plate of rice, và can then choose from the selection of prepared dishes, which can included stir fried, boiled, or deep fried dishes, and braised dishes, with usually quite a wide selection of meat, seafood, and vegetables available.

The food is by all means loaded with MSG, và many of the dishes are on the greasy side, but I have to say that it’s quite delicious, and as a rice lover, I enjoyed many plates of com binh dan during my time in Saigon.

Cơm Bình Dân Restaurant

Here’s the information about the restaurant I went to lớn this day for lunch, but it’s nearly identical lớn hundreds, if not thousands of other street food stalls và restaurants throughout Saigon serving com binc dan.

Address: Right off Vuon Chuoi on So 2 (on the next street over from the snail street)mở cửa hours: I think from about 10 am – 2 pm everyday for lunch. I went at 11 am, & the food was fresh and the main lunch rush hadn’t yet arrived.Prices: Our total bill for all the dishes you see pictured & for two huge plates of rice was 70,000 VND ($3.23) – so it’s definitely a budget meal, and eating com binc dan is about as much food for as little of money as you can get in Saigon.

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You can see the pinpoint of the location on the map (#7). Scroll down on the left hand side & cliông chồng on “7. Cơm Bình Dân,” & it should zoom in on the bản đồ.

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