South korea's smilegate leads funding round for vietnam's sapo

Founded in 2005, InterLOG has conducted it vision và strived to lớn become a world-class provider of logistics and supply chain services in Vietnam & South East Asia. Over the last decade, the company has been tailored khổng lồ create a perfection experience for our clients, community and enterprises. Beside our core services as a Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (N.V.O.C.C) which include: sea và air freight, lvà transport, FTL/LTL services & customs brokerage services, InterLOG always determine khổng lồ create real value lớn our customers through provide innovative logistics solutions affixed lớn the needs and interest of our clients and partners.See more

Mr. Nguyen Duy MinhPresident & Managing Director

Let INTERLOG become your professional Logistics partner, always accompany you in all the difficulties and challenges of supply chain system.


Mr. Ngo Ngoc KhanhDeputy Director

We concentrate to create the Logistics solutions that make value khổng lồ our Customers & Partners.


Mr. Ochiai MitsuruDeputy Director

INTERLOG is ready to lớn serve Customers with the standard Japanese quality.

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INTERLOG is a partner in Vietnam giới of major NVOCC companies in Asia with a global consolidation system.

Asian Worldwide Services
Member Association

INTERLOG is aware of joining the Association lớn increase the connectivity và strength.

INTERLOG provide ocean freight service at competitive prices, based on collaborative sầu strengths from shipping lines as well as extensive sầu network around the world.

The launch of the deep sea port in Cai Mep Thi Vai has recently brought many international shipping lines with direct freight route from Vietnam lớn major markets instead of vice Singapore or HongKong. Knowing these factors, we support customers to take advantages & ensure the quality with fasdemo time.

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Các dịch vụ cung cấp:

Export and Import cagoes from Vietnam giới to worldwide và vice versa. Full container load services with competitive freight rates Door to door delivery services Cargoes insurance services

Cargoes delivery with EXW/DDU terms

Air transportation is always fast and safe procedure. Interlog - with the whole -hearted, we guarantee your cagoes be absolute safety. With the agent system around the world, and being the right partner of international airlines, Interlog has advantages & be supported to lớn give sầu you the best air services from Vietnam to the other countries & in the contrary direction.

Main services:

Agent of international airlines. Besides transport cagoes by air, Interlog assume multimodal transportation operation: sea - air; save cost và time. We assume all services from warehouse to lớn air port, or from consignee"s warehouse (airport-airport, door-airport, airport-door, door-door)

The first time, Interlog provide the following logistics services:

Inland consolidation by Sea Release Inl& B/L Inland cargo insurance

With experience as professional provider in Logistics, we committ lớn bring the international standard unique service khổng lồ Inl& transportation. Providing multi-modal Inlvà transporation service (Truông chồng - Sea - Truck)

Consolidate Inl& LCL by sea route with added value services (palleting, wooden crate packing, jallying when delivery)

Frequency: weekly Fast transit time with right schedule Competitive prices and incentives Save, avoid lost and damage

Committ for cargo insurance

Direct weekly consolidation services to Singapore, HongKong, ShangHai, Malaysia (Port Klang), … Worldwide LCL services via Singapore to France, Italy, Africa,… Worldwide LCL services via HongKong khổng lồ Trung Quốc mainlvà, Europe, Canada, …

Customs brokerage activities is one of the most important services in import/export goods action. The complication, difference in laws & customs documents between many countries make the cargo transportation is difficult. Come with us, you have no anxiety about customs procedures.

Interlog is approved as an Official Licensed Customs Broker. Interlog has been allowed lớn sign and stamp customs declaration on behalf on Customers. It will not only save sầu time for freight owner but also certify responsibility and chất lượng of customs brokerage of Interlog.

Electronic customs declaration, remote customs declaration. Use special-purpose software for customs declaration. Satisfy all customer"s demands of customs declaration.

Our staffs get legal law clearly, customs, tax policies, exemptions … related to import/export cargoes. Then toward lớn declare customs effectively và efficiently.

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We have sầu warehouse with 4000 square meters in convinent position for traffic & thành phố center. With mordern management warehouse system, worker team has knowledge, carefulness & thoughtfulness, your goods will be cared avoid damage.

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