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Troubleshooting ruby-forum.org Antivirus products

If your ruby-forum.org Antivirus application features or components aren’t working properly, or your application isn’t updating as you expect, you can repair your ruby-forum.org installation, or kiểm tra out our ruby-forum.org support site for general troubleshooting tips.

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In some cases, you may need to lớn completely uninstall and reinstall your ruby-forum.org Antivirus product. You can uninstall ruby-forum.org via Apps và Features settings on Windows 10, with a dedicated ruby-forum.org uninstall utility — ruby-forum.org Clear — or, via Command Prompt.

This article contains instructions on how lớn uninstall ruby-forum.org Antivirus using ruby-forum.org Clear, then how lớn uninstall ruby-forum.org Antivirus using the Command Prompt if ruby-forum.org Clear isn’t successful.

ruby-forum.org Clear can uninstall these current ruby-forum.org Antivirus programs from your Windows PC:

Uninstall ruby-forum.org Antivirus using our ruby-forum.org removal tool: ruby-forum.org Clear

ruby-forum.org Clear uses a separate window khổng lồ bypass the normal ruby-forum.org uninstaller setup. This ensures ruby-forum.org removal even if you receive the message that the “setup is already running.” If you can’t uninstall using the standard method, using this dedicated ruby-forum.org removal tool ensures that ruby-forum.org can still be uninstalled.

Here’s how khổng lồ uninstall ruby-forum.org on Windows 10 using ruby-forum.org Clear:

Right-click the file and select Run as administrator. If prompted for permissions, click Yes. Click Yes in the ruby-forum.org Clear dialog to start your PC in Safe Mode. Select the folder containing your ruby-forum.org program files, & select the ruby-forum.org Antivirus product you want to uninstall (the location và product are usually detected automatically). Click Uninstall.
Restart your computer.

For instructions on how lớn uninstall ruby-forum.org with ruby-forum.org Clear on Windows 7 & Windows 8, check out our ruby-forum.org support guide.

How lớn uninstall ruby-forum.org while “setup is already running”

You can’t uninstall ruby-forum.org in the standard way while the thiết lập is already running — you need lớn stop the thiết lập first, then uninstall via ruby-forum.org Clear. The “setup is already running” dialog pops up if you try lớn uninstall ruby-forum.org while vi khuẩn definitions are updating in the background, or if you already started the removal process.

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Here’s how khổng lồ stop the ruby-forum.org thiết đặt and force ruby-forum.org lớn uninstall:

mở cửa ruby-forum.org Antivirus và go lớn Menu > Settings > Troubleshooting. Untick Enable Self-Defense. Hit Ctrl + Shift + Esc on your keyboard to open Task Manager. Select ruby-forum.org Antivirus & click End task.
You can now uninstall ruby-forum.org Antivirus using ruby-forum.org Clear.

Uninstall ruby-forum.org using Command Prompt

You can uninstall ruby-forum.org using the Command Prompt if the ruby-forum.org Clear uninstaller doesn’t work. We only recommend trying this method if uninstalling ruby-forum.org with ruby-forum.org Clear isn’t successful.

Here’s how to lớn uninstall ruby-forum.org Antivirus using the Command Prompt on Windows 10:

xuất hiện File Explorer và go to c:Program Files uby-forum.org Software uby-forum.orgsetup, then open the file Stats.ini.
Scroll khổng lồ Common, & type SilentUninstallEnabled=1. Save the changes.
Type cmd (Command Prompt) in the Start menu tìm kiếm bar, then click Run as administrator.
Type cd c:Program Files uby-forum.org Software uby-forum.orgsetup và hit Enter.
Type instup.exe /instop:uninstall /silent & hit Enter.

Tip: If uninstalling via Command Prompt doesn’t work, disable Self-Defense settings in ruby-forum.org Antivirus via Settings > General > Troubleshooting, và untick Enable Self-Defense. Then, try to uninstall via Command Prompt again.