Cách Tạo Nhãn Trong Gmail


For those who work in an office or simply use mail khổng lồ work, everyone will sometimes fall into a state of mail drift, dilute mail because one day you have to lớn receive too many mails from colleagues, customers, from relatives, from friends. So how bởi vì you find the email sent by a colleague from 1.2 months ago about an important project? If so, how long does it take khổng lồ find the thư điện tử again? 5, 10 minutes or an hour, even a morning, and in the end you still can't find it?

Gmail Filters has assisted you in sorting mail in email with Stickers (Labels). Gmail's Labels you can sort emails in tin nhắn with more conditional settings: sender (From), recipient (To), subject (Subject), Contains từ khóa (Contain keyword), contains attachments or not, by kích cỡ and time, etc. With these features you will easily organize your files business email or your own in a scientific và proactive way.

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1. How to lớn create a Label for mail2. The role of Stickers in work

1. How to create a Label for mail

Method 1:

Open email browser, log in lớn your mail account.

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In the upper right corner, tap the . Icon Settings , choose Settings, press tab LabelsScroll down to lớn select Labels, click Create new labels, Type a name for the label và press Create


So you can filter mail based on the label you have phối up

Note: Now Google has updated gmail new interface, with many improvements and attractive features will tư vấn you maximum in work. Read it now.

Way 2

This way is much simpler, you just need khổng lồ tick the arrow icon on the tìm kiếm bar in your Gmail, here it will display the filter settings panel.

The remaining installation steps to filter mail by Label Label you bởi the same as method 1

b. Use as a folder

You can mở cửa a sticker và see all emails marked with that label, just like you would view emails when you xuất hiện a folder. Not only that, you can also create sub-label sets the same way you create subdirectories.

Not only that, you can also tìm kiếm for all emails marked with the same sticker, & from viewing the label or label màu sắc you can determine the nature of the incoming mail (work, family, friends). Friends, ads…) as a folder