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Welcome to lớn's API! Just lượt thích our hàng hóa, our API is simple lớn use và understand.

You'll find comprehensive sầu guides và documentation to lớn help you start working with as quickly as possible, as well as tư vấn if you get stuông xã. Let's jump right in!

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For testing in Sandbox, you first need lớn go lớn your Sandbox environment. Cliông xã on the Settings link found on the account dropdown:

On the Settings page go to the Developer tab from the thực đơn panel & click on GO TO SANDBOX to lớn switch lớn your Sandbox environment:

A modal will be displayed and you'll need khổng lồ confirm your choice:

Once in Sandbox, you'll have a button to lớn go baông chồng lớn the Live sầu environment:

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