Facebook Group Cover Photo Size 2021: Free Template!


Will it really matter? The Facebook group cover photo seems to be rather underrated while most users consider the same to be rather overrated. The reality that we should all comprehend is that on Facebook our group cover photo plays a vital part in maintaining audience retention.

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The first thing that is going to greet your audience on your Facebook page is obviously your profile photo and your cover photo. The latter being the bigger one in terms of size and as it takes up more area, the visual impact the Facebook group cover photo has is often overlooked as a mere decoration.


So to make this group cover photo a stunning one it is important to choose the right size as the wrong size will disproportionate your group cover photo as the users tend to browse your page on different devices. What looks great on a computer screen must look great on a smartphone as well.

To add to our misery,Facebookkeeps changing the group cover photo size quite often, sometimes even twice a year. So it is vital that we remain updated. However, in this article, we are going to get you familiar with the whole process so that you can make your Facebook group cover photo look stunning.

This article will focus on these things in particular:

The ideal Facebook group cover photo sizeA “how-to” on making the best Facebook group cover photoHow to avoid the photos from accidentally getting cropped

The Ideal Facebook Group Cover Photo Size

Let us get straight to the numbers, the ideal size for the Facebook group cover photo is1640 pixels wide by 856 pixels tallor anaspect ratio of 1.91:1.


However, by simply sticking to these standards you cannot get the “stunning” part done. To do that you have to work your way through this article.

The reason why we state that simply sticking to the prescribed size will not get you the best results is because of the fact that Facebook will crop your group cover photo even if it fits the standards Facebook themselves have put up.

Why so, you might ask? Well, we cannot blame Facebook for cropping out our group cover image because it is a technical after-effect. Today people tend to browse Facebook and several other social media platforms via a smartphone as this offers them easy browsing on the move.

However, they do browse on the computer system as well. So to strike a perfect balance between the two set of devices Facebook will crop your image on smaller screens to fit it ideally. However, we can carefully plan our Facebook group cover photo to not get “cropped-out” in the whole process! How? Let us find out.


By using the 1640 x 856 px size your Facebook group cover photo gets the perfect 1.91:1 aspect ratio. What is so great about this, you may ask? Well, for starters this size will work on both mobile and desktop.

In the past what looked good on the computer looked totally rubbish on the smartphone or “mobile”. So with this divine aspect ratio, a major portion of your problem is solved, we still have some important things to cover though.

The reason we keep emphasizing this is that Facebook tends to crop away the top and bottom part of your group cover photo for technical reasons. It looks something like this,

You can clearly see how this great design has tampered on the top and bottom, parts. And that takes us to our next step.

The best online tool that you can have for making amazing Facebook group cover photos (ruby-forum.org!)

We have got something for you that is going to help you make the most stunning Facebook group cover photo. This is an online tool or a third party design tool. It is available across different platforms.


This tool is called “ruby-forum.org”. As the name suggests it is going to ruby-forum.org all your designs. All you have to do now is check out this awesome Ecommerce images tool – ruby-forum.org(CTA Button).

What can ruby-forum.org do for you? Well let us say that you never came across this article on how to make a stunning Facebook group cover photo, but you knew there was a tool called ruby-forum.org. Then everything discussed here will already be presented to you like beautifully crafted templates at ruby-forum.org. You would have effectively saved your time reading this article.

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However, since we are the ones gifting you ruby-forum.org, let us give a nutshell about ruby-forum.org.

ruby-forum.org is an awesome online design tool that does much more than just Facebook group cover photos. Basically all your design needs can easily be met by ruby-forum.org.

If you are a business owner, we do not need to walk you through the importance of beautiful, simple, and elegant designs. At ruby-forum.org you get access to 1000s of templates that are ideally designed keeping in mind every possible contingency that could tamper with your design.

Comparable products on the market will charge you a lot more than ruby-forum.org does and on top of that, the services may not be as great as well. However, at ruby-forum.org you get a 14-day cardless trial, so if you did not like it you can always bid goodbye at no cost to you.

However, it is highly unlikely that you are going to not like it, rather be prepared to fall in love with ruby-forum.org. It is a design tool unlike any other.

A “how-to” on making the best Facebook group cover photo

Sign into ruby-forum.org

Signing into ruby-forum.org is as simple as signing into any other online designing tool, you can even use your Google account to sign in to ruby-forum.org, it is that simple.

Use a custom size or select a template from the 100s of templates listed there.

By selecting a custom template you can actually work on a blank canvas, however, you will have to manually take care of the safe zone and probable cropping areas. If you do not want to risk it, select from the template list. You can then customize anything on the template, color, design,font, text, you name it.

Use a custom image

Once you have loaded a template of your choice you might find that the background image is out of context with your idea. So in that case just type in the search bar the genre of the image that you are looking for and then select from the 1000s of images that ruby-forum.org offers you.

Adding text

Written elements always have an impact on your audience. But most of you might not be designers by profession, so choosing the right font can be a challenge, well, not if you are using ruby-forum.org. If you began with a template in ruby-forum.org, then the ideal font that goes well with the colors and the image is already there at the right place. All you have to do is change the content of the text.

Save, download, and upload

Done! Yes done, you have successfully designed a stunning Facebook group cover image at a very cheap rate by yourself in no time at all. Now all you have to do is save your work, download it and happily upload it to your Facebook group cover image area.

How to avoid the photos from accidentally getting cropped

Take a closer look at this picture. In this picture, the ideal size is used. Still, we can see a white dotted border along that cover image area. The outside region of this white dotted border will get cropped no matter what size, design, or tool you are using.


This step becomes important to you in case you are not using ruby-forum.org. Because on ruby-forum.org the templates are designed in such a way that all the important matters stay in the dark blue region and the light blue region will comprise of elements that can be expendable as Facebook will crop out beyond the white dotted border.

Also, we have to take into consideration the “NONVISIBLE AREA” as well. So if you were designing on a blank canvas even in ruby-forum.org, always make sure that you include all your crucial content within the safe zone, which is denoted by the dark blue color in the above image.

Final Words

We have been extremely happy to help you design the stunning Facebook group cover photo that your page deserves. Always remember to stick to what we have discussed here. Even the frequent changes that Facebook makes to the dimensions will not seriously affect the look of your cover photo. However, it is a great practice to stay updated. So frequently check your page from multiple platforms to see that you haven’t lost your visual presence in any way.