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ME all over the place và wanting lớn find out what it’s all about? Perhaps you are in the tìm kiếm of a tên miền name for your idea and you need more info? Whatever the case, you are at the right spot!

And here is a handy table of contents to lớn make finding information you need easier:

What is a .ME ruby-forum.orgThe company behind the .ME ruby-forum.org

What is a .ME ruby-forum.org?

.ME ruby-forum.org name is the country code top cấp độ ruby-forum.org name (ccTLD) for Montenegro, globally available for registration without any restrictions. This means that anytoàn thân can register a .ME ruby-forum.org with their favorite registrar. Despite being a ccTLD, .ME is very similar lớn generic TLDs in terms of policies, tên miền cycle and SEO benefits, và most importantly, Google treats it lượt thích any other generic TLD.

We decided lớn open the tên miền for the general public because the word “ME” carries meaning inmany languages including English, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Bulgarian, Serbian, Croatian, Portuguese, và many other languages và we knew it would be popular.


History of .ME ruby-forum.orgs

The first .ME ruby-forum.orgs, registered on March 24th, 2008, were “predsjednik.me,” “skupstimãng cầu.me,” and “vlada.me.” Translated into Montenegrin language. they mean president, parliament, và government, respectively. Shortly after that, we launched third-cấp độ ruby-forum.orgs available exclusively to lớn Montenegrin citizens & companies. These are:

.teo.me, .net.me, .org.me, its.me and priv.me (for general use).edu.me (for educational institutions in Montenegro).ac.me (for academic & post-secondary organizations such as universities; University of Montenegro has ucg.ac.me as its primary ruby-forum.org).gov.me (for state and government authorities)

On May 6th, 2008, we opened the so-called Sunrise period, a time where all eligible trademark holders, anywhere in the world, could apply for their .ME ruby-forum.orgs. In July and August of 2008, we organized over 2,500 land-rush auctions generating more than $2,000,000 in revenue. Some of the most attractive .ME ruby-forum.orgs, such as Insure.ME và Sync.ME were registered during the Land Rush period.


The .ME GA (general availability) period started on July 17th, 2008. Only 48 hours later our portfolio grew to 100,000 .ME tên miền names. We hit 1 million ruby-forum.orgs in 2016, which we owe khổng lồ the growth of the tên miền name market in Đài Loan Trung Quốc. Unfortunately, that growth quickly slowed down and the ruby-forum.orgs did not renew so we ended up with “only” 900,000 ruby-forum.orgs in 2017. Since then, we have sầu seen a steady growth of 6% per year.

Who uses .ME?


Way bachồng in 2015, PayPal made a huge leap in personalizing their service và put the customer at the center of their brand by creating PayPal.ME, a service that generates personalized URLs which customers can use to get paid in one of the simplest & friendliest ways. The main idea was to lớn create a mobile-first user experience that makes payments simpler và faster than with the company’s traditional tools.

But PayPal isn’t the only one that recognizes the potential of a .ME tên miền. About.ME uses a .ME ruby-forum.org khổng lồ build their personalized brand as a website that allows everyone lớn quickly and simply create a personal website page. Join.ME is a powerful tool for facilitating online meetings, screen-share, & collaborating by having the option to lớn add notes và ideas khổng lồ your project. The name really says it all!


The power of .ME brought another big player to lớn the table. Have sầu you heard about FB.ME and M.ME? That’s Facebook. They also put their trust in .ME, using FB.ME as the Facebook shortener for sản phẩm điện thoại devices, which automatically shortens a Mobile link (for example a m.facebook.com link) to FB.ME link. With M.ME Messenger Links, aimed at businesses, users get a short and memorable link (m.me/username) that, when clicked on or typed in, opens a conversation with that business in Messenger. Yes, it’s that simple! And then there’s WA.ME, which Facebook uses for shortening WhatsApp liên kết.

Speaking of social truyền thông media, more than five sầu top instant messaging applications use .ME lớn connect with the users. One of them is Line.ME, one of the most popular instant messaging apps in Asia.


We are trusted by the big players of the global market because, although .ME is a ccTLD governed by Montenegrin laws và regulations, we are committed khổng lồ serving our community by aligning our policies with the industry standards, và making sure that we follow international policies và procedures.

You can read more about what are ruby-forum.org name names, the way they work, subruby-forum.orgs, the DNS, và all other aspects of Internet industry on our blog.

Have sầu some unanswered questions? Check out our frequently asked questions or reach out to us directly!

.ME as a Company

DoMEn d.o.o, the company that operates .ME, is a company registered and based in Montenegro, and was founded by three companies:

ME-net is a Montenegrin company with a long history in the ICT sector in Montenegro, which includes successful privatization of the country’s largest ISPhường.

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GoDaddy is the world’s largest ruby-forum.org name name registrar and the largest paid Web host provider in North America.Afilias is a leading registry services provider that supports more than 13 million ruby-forum.orgs worldwide.

The company is run with passion & heart. We consider ourselves intrapreneurs rather than employees, and we practice what we preach – we make our jobs personal & want khổng lồ make sure that every .ME người và ruby-forum.org holder feels like a part of the team. Even though DoMEn d.o.o. is a B2B company, we ayên lớn be human-to-human, so feel không lấy phí to lớn tương tác any of us when you want to cốt truyện a story or ask a question.


Values we st& for:

Making business personal. We pride ourselves on making our business human by removing barriers between our registry và .ME ruby-forum.org name holders.Giving baông chồng to the community. We believe sầu that sharing knowledge is the most efficient way khổng lồ individual & collective progress. While our CSR efforts are primarily focused on our trang chủ country of Montenegro, we try lớn be as active sầu as possible in all .ME communities around the world.

Corporate Social Responsibility

When we first started off .ME, we knew it was not only an opportunity to develop a healthy business but also a platform lớn raise awareness in Montenegro about the benefits of the digital world và equip people with skills needed lớn successfully navigate it. This has been an integral part of our company strategy & mission in the last decade.

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Our CSR strategy is based on three major pillars:

Sharing our experiences, contacts, và know-how to support our colleagues in the tech industry in Montenegro, & our friends and partners to develop their ideas further. We work directly with the startup community, but also with investors and international organizations to help build a healthy startup ecosystem through improving legislation, encouraging foreign investments, và providing advice & mentorship. Some of the brightest examples of Montenegrin startup community developed their ideas và got connected with their investors through relationships we helped them establish. Every time we see them go a step further, we feel like our mission in Montenegro grows stronger.

Our efforts in thisfield have sầu recently been recognized by receivingtwo national social và corporate responsibility awards–the ISKRA 2018 philanthropy excellence award for “Contribution at a National level” và an award for caring about the community by the Montenegrin Employers Federation!

You can find more informaiton about the CSR activities we have invested in over the previous 10 years in our CSR report. Want a bit more info? Here is a fancy timeline.
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