"dynamic" nghĩa tiếng việt là gì?

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Technology is dynamic, because people discover và develop it in their own ways using their own quality skills.
the forces that control the relationships people or things have with each other and how those relationships can change:
The long-term dynamics of tuberculosis & other diseases with long serial intervals : implications of and for changing reproduction numbers.
Modeling ion-ion interaction in proteins : a molecular dynamics miễn phí energy calculation of the guanidinium-acetate association.
The early stage of folding of villin headpiece subdomain name observed in a 200-nanosecond fully solvated molecular dynamics simulation.
Thus, altering the local rigidity of a channel protein during a simulation is likely to influence the dynamics và energetics of permeation.
Special emphasis is given to molecular dynamics in torsion angle space, the currently most efficient method for biomolecular structure calculation.
Recently, two new methods for rapid time-dependent footprinting have provided new insights inlớn ribosome dynamics.
Today, however, the variable target function method has been superseded largely by the more efficient torsion angle dynamics algorithm.
I will show in this paper that the dynamics of regulatory resize in finance exemplify a pattern of " convergence within national diversity".
In these cases, the dynamics of the interaction are determined by the system and are not a consequence of the measurement technique.

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The correspondence between the vortex dynamics and the temperature supports the long-standing interpretation in terms of the negative sầu temperature.
The micelle formation in amphiphilic solution is investigated by means of a molecular dynamics simulation of coarse-grained amphiphilic molecules with explicit solvent molecules.
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