Facebook updates chat plugin for websites to enable messaging without logging onto messenger


Facebook has launched a new update for its Messenger chat plug-in for websites, which enables businesses khổng lồ prompt direct message conversations with visitors lớn their site via a pop-up chat window.

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Facebook has updated the design và format of the plug-in, and made it easier to integrate into lớn your trang web code. But the biggest change is that trang web visitors will now be able lớn start a Messenger conversation with your business, from your website, without having to lớn log on lớn Messenger to lớn do so.


As you can see here, with the new chat plug-in, there"s an option to lớn start a Messenger conversation as a guest, reducing the obligation for site visitors who are looking to submit a query.

So how does that work? How can a Messenger discussion be maintained if the user doesn"t provide liên hệ details lớn reply to?

The limitation here is that you can only engage with "guest" users when that user is on your trang web.

“Guest chats” will over when the user decides to lớn over the chat from the More thực đơn, or 24 hours from the start of the conversation, whichever comes first. The guest name will appear as “Guest” followed by a short numeric string."

If you try to lớn skết thúc a message to lớn a guest user after the guest trương mục has been terminated, you"ll see an error message.

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"The transcript of these “guest chats” will remain on the guest user"s browser for up to lớn 24 hours. Businesses, however, will retain a copy of the conversation in their inbox even after the chat expires until they delete it."

So it"s not as handy as being able khổng lồ reply to a message when you have sầu time, it"s made for direct, real-time response. But still, it could have sầu significant benefit - Facebook says that businesses using the new chat plug-in have seen a 45% increase in customers inquiring about their products & services. Definitely worth consideration.

Facebook has actually been testing the new format with a select group of Pages for some time - baông chồng in May, social media expert Matt Navarra posted this update.

Facebook’s Customer Chat Plugin now lets trang web visitors message businesses without being logged inRival to lớn intercom và co?https://t.co/IO6A77MhqK pic.twitter.com/E5Qom2W9bP

— Matt Navarra (
MattNavarra) May 21, 2020

We asked Facebook about it at the time, but they offered no further detail, & there was no mention of the functionality in the chat plug-in documentation. But now, it"s being made available to all businesses, with the plug-in available for implementation from your Facebook Page settings.

"For Wordpress, clichồng here khổng lồ install the official chat plugin from the Plug-in Store.

For all other websites, use the following steps:

On your Facebook Page, click "Settings" và select "Messaging"Scroll down to "Add Messenger khổng lồ your website", cliông chồng "Get Started"You can customize the plug-in. Set a greeting message, response time and theme color khổng lồ suit your business needs. Enter the trang web domain(s) you"d like to add Messenger lớn. An example of a trang web domain name is https://jaspers-market.comOnce you"ve sầu finished, the thiết đặt tool will automatically generate a code that you can copy/paste to lớn your web page.

You can find more information about setting up the chat plug-in here, while Facebook also notes that the plug-in can also be enabled via WooCommerce, ManyChat, & Haravan.