6 free facebook marketing tools to juice up your campaigns

Did you know that Facebook has over ~ 2.3 billion monthly active users spread around the globe?

It is a huge social media platkhung and is continuously growing in popularity. Brands & marketers rightly see the potential in Facebook và it has long been their preferred platkhung.

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Both brands & users have sầu been flocking to lớn Facebook in big numbers.

Facebook is evolving & brands are missing no beats in keeping up with the changes. Marketers are always on the lookout for the sharpest and smardemo Facebook marketing tools to lớn reach their goals.

What are your Facebook sale goals? Are you looking lớn increase your followers? Or are you focusing on hyper-targeting your customers with Facebook campaigns?

Whatever your goals are, it pays lớn have sầu the best tools with you.

Disclosure: This nội dung has a few affiliate links, which means if you clichồng on them, I will get a commission (without any extra cost to lớn you).

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Which are the Best Facebook Marketing Tools?

Which are the Best Facebook Marketing Tools?

Excited to lớn look at our danh mục of tools? Let"s take a look at 21 of the best Facebook kinh doanh tools khổng lồ help you achieve sầu your Facebook sale goals:

1. MobileMonkey

Facebook Messenger kinh doanh has the potential lớn generate incredible user engagement. MobileMonkey is a great tool lớn help you do it the right way. It allows you to build a danh mục of Messenger subscribers, skết thúc out Messenger broadcasts và drip campaigns to your customers, as well as automatically respond khổng lồ comments on your Facebook posts.

MobileMonkey also offers full tư vấn for Facebook Messenger ads (Click-to-Messenger Ads) & sponsored ads, pre-built chatbot templates, powerful chatbot analytics tools, & a powerful chatbot builder.

Seems too complicated?

Their comprehensive sầu chatbot tutorial provides in-depth information on how to get started with chatbots & Facebook Messenger marketing. This chat marketing platkhung also offers website chat và SMS sale tools.


Image via MobileMonkey

2. Sendinblue

Sendinblue can help you create và run your Facebook ad campaigns more efficiently. You can reach more people with beautifully-designed ads & compelling calls-to-action (CTA).

This platkhung enables you to lớn directly retarget a specific list of contacts. You can also use a contact danh sách khổng lồ find new leads that are similar khổng lồ your best customers.

Once you phối your ad parameters, Sendinxanh will automatically optimize the amount spent per day to get you the best results. They provide detailed reports khổng lồ help you analyze your campaign performance.

You know the best part? You can start using this Facebook marketing tool for không tính tiền. Their paid plans start at $25/month.

Image via Sendinblue


3. ShortStack

ShortStack has positioned itself as the most powerful marketing platsize for contests and giveaways.

It helps you easily build and publish campaigns & integrates campaign analytics and tin nhắn analytics inkhổng lồ one platform.

What else can you vày with it?

You can get real-time insights on views, shares, traffic sources, và more. It helps you make lead generating landing pages.

Image via ShortStack

4. Heyo

Heyo is a Facebook sale tool that can help you get more leads. It can help you create sweepstakes, contests, and hashtag campaigns for Facebook.

Key Features

Run social sweepstakes on Facebook or websitesManage hashtag campaignsModerate entries for photo & video clip contestsRun interactive sầu campaigns with voting, quizzing, và more


Basic Plan: $45/monthStandard Plan: $99/monthPremium Plan: $249/month


Easy lớn useReadymade templatesEasy integration with MailChimp, MadMimi, & other tools


Limited options in the Basic Plan

Tool Level

Beginner to Advanced-cấp độ users


To run quizzes, hashtag campaigns, sweepstakes, and photo and video clip contests

Pro Tip: When you run contests with Heyo, also collect tin nhắn addresses from potential customers. It’s a great way to grow your tin nhắn menu.


Image via Heyo


5. Pagemodo

Pagemovày is a great Facebook kinh doanh tool. Using this tool, you can customize your Facebook business page with impressive cover photos, add custom tabs, and create contests for engagement.

Key Features:

Run Facebook contests and sweepstakes easilySchedule posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, và TwitterDesign appealing Facebook adsOptimize Facebook adsCreate contact formsAdd product listings with CTAs & site links


Basic Plan: $9/monthPro Plan: $19/monthAgency Plan: $59/month


Easy-to-useGet access to professionally-designed templatesGood customer supportGives complete control for managing contestsMobile-friendly


Most features work specifically on Facebook only

Tool Level

Beginner to Advanced-cấp độ users


Post scheduling for Twitter, LinkedIn, & Facebook; Facebook marketing

Pro Tip: Using this tool, you can easily save your Facebook ads designs. Make small changes and then compare the results to optimize your future campaigns.


Image via Pagemodo

6. SocialOomph

SocialOomph is one of the best Facebook marketing tools for users who want to lớn increase their reach và their number of followers.

Key Features

Easy scheduling of tweets & postsAuto RSS feedMonitor new followers easilySelf-destruct outdated postsAutomated publishing limit


Free Plan: $0/monthAdvanced Suite: $15/monthProfessional Suite: $25/monthBusiness Suite: $55/month


AffordableEasily sort posts with tagsGood customer supportCan upload nội dung in bulkYou can cancel your plan whenever you want


Can add only on social protệp tin in the Free plan

Tool Level

Beginner to Advanced-level users


Marketing for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, Pinterest, Discord, mastodon, & other social truyền thông media platforms.

Pro Tip: If you have a seasonal offer or a discount coming up, it’s self-destruct feature can be really helpful.

Image via SocialOomph


7. Buffer

Buffer is a very popular social truyền thông media management platkhung. It helps you schedule and publish social truyền thông posts.

Its easy-to-use interface is well liked by small và big businesses alượt thích. It contains browser extension which seamlessly integrates with Chrome, WordPress, and other tools khổng lồ find nội dung for distribution.

And it provides analytics & insights on the post’s reach, likes, & mentions received.

Image via Buffer


8. Driftrock

Facebook marketers use this lead generation software for conversions.

It is a suite of different tools. Each tool serves a specific purpose. And they all can be used together as a complete solution for Facebook ad management và automation needs.

Driftroông chồng helps you create ads quickly & easily. You can test variations easily. It helps you optimize your Facebook ad campaigns.

Image via Driftrock

9. Facebook Ads Manager

Facebook Ads Manager is a Facebook tool which helps you create and manage Facebook Ads.

This tool will help you target the right demographics & the right section of people. It helps you mix your budget khổng lồ control cost.


You can learn all about the performance of your ads with the help of reporting tools. And you can pause any ad you want from Ad Manager to optimize the campaign.


Image via Facebook Ads Manager


10. Fanpage Karma

Fanpage Karma is a multi-functional tool for Facebook management.

You can compose & publish posts with ease. It can provide you useful insights on posting. And it helps you monitor an unlimited number of pages & profiles.

Users can analyze the activities of their fans & followers. And you can analyze & compare key data on different pages, even those of your competitors.

Image via Fanpage Karma

11. Hootsuite

Hootsuite is a great social truyền thông management and analytics tool.

It can help with Facebook kinh doanh with the help of Facebook ads. The tool helps you optimize your ad campaign.

What’s more, you ask?

It helps you target & retarget the right group of people for conversions. You can convert Facebook ads inkhổng lồ real leads and conversions & be on the top of analytics.

And you can learn about your audience and engage with them in a better way through Hootsuite.

Image via Hootsuite


12. Meet Edgar

Meet Edgar is an easy-to-use social media management & scheduling tool.

It recycles your updates over time automatically so that they are optimized. You can connect Meet Edgar with your Facebook through a web plugin.

It helps you schedule your posts & monitor them. And it has an auto-refill queue feature which uses your saved posts. This tool can help you save sầu effort and helps bring in more leads.


Image via Meet Edgar

13. Post Planner

Post Planner aims at managing your posts và engagements smartly.

It helps you find, plan và post great content. Post Planner’s recommendation engine identifies top performing content that has the likelihood of maximum engagement.

It helps you get the desired reach in less time. Every engagement is a data point that helps you get better over time. Use the tool lớn plan your publishing calendar.

Image via Post Planner


14. Qwaya

Qwaya is a useful tool that can help you run & manage Facebook ads.

It has several powerful features & a useful website interface. And it can help drive traffic lớn a website or any Facebook page.

It provides an efficient ad creation workflow. You can schedule the campaigns to run at a certain time of day. And you can optimize the performance by pausing the ads and campaigns that don’t work và more.

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Image via Qwaya

15. Agorapulse

Agorapulse is a simple but effective sầu tool that helps you manage content & engagement on Facebook.

It helps you schedule và publish posts, monitors engagement & activity and also enables social listening.

With the Agorapulse barometer, you can analyze Facebook pages và compare them khổng lồ learn about your competitors too. It provides you plenty of reports that help you trachồng your efforts. And it has workflow collaboration features for large teams.

Image via Agorapulse


16. Socedo

Socebởi is a cloud-based social truyền thông media kinh doanh software that helps you get real-time & qualified leads.

It helps you analyze social intent data which enables you to make better decisions. You can use Socebởi to lớn identify prospects.

Its impressive sầu lead monitoring feature helps marketers trachồng lead behavior. It generates detailed reports that helps the marketers.

Image via Socedo

17. Socialbakers

Socialbakers is an AI-powered social truyền thông media kinh doanh suite. It has great tools for kinh doanh on Facebook.

It helps you understvà your audience better. You can build lasting relationships with your customers.

Their Facebook benchmarking tool helps you analyze your performance versus the competition.

AI-guided post promotion tool helps you decide which posts should be boosted. It helps improve sầu the promotion strategy.

Image via Socialbakers


18. Sprout Social

Sprout Social helps you build relationships. It provides you with useful data khổng lồ help you make better decisions and helps with starting and monitoring social conversations.

Sprout Social helps with Facebook sale by providing Facebook insight data with their analytical tools.

It helps you understvà Facebook impressions. You can leverage impressions data by segregating it on the basis of location, age, & gender for better targeting.


Image via Sprout Social


19. Timeline Conthử nghiệm AgoraPulse

This is a great Facebook marketing tool for increasing engagement on Facebook. You can run sweepstakes, quizzes, và photo contests directly on your Facebook timeline.

The AgoraPulse Timeline Condemo phầm mềm helps you filter engagement. It sorts “likes” & “comments” separately for you to lớn analyze.

You can run any types of conkiểm tra, as many times as you want. And you can run them on any number of pages that you manage.


Image via Timeline Conkiểm tra AgoraPulse

20. AdEspresso

Managing Facebook ads is a tough task. AdEspresso is a great tool to create and manage Facebook campaigns.

It automates the processes. You can analyze, optimize and create complex & specific rules for the execution of your campaigns.

And their A/B testing capability helps you create thousands of variants of your Facebook ads. You can focus on key metrics with easy to lớn use customizable dashboards.

Image via AdEspresso


21. InVideo

Always wanted lớn create eye-catching video ads that also drive sầu conversions? Look no further!

InVideo is a one-stop solution for creating thumb-stopping Facebook ads. Making professional videos can seem lượt thích a herculean task but InVideo has eased the process, helping you create effective sầu ads.

You can simply drag-and-drop text and media to start on your journey with their handcrafted template library. And what"s more? InVideo allows you to lớn modify each element in every frame, including text boxes, animations, images, và audgame ios.

You can use all of their basic features for không tính tiền whereas, their Business plan starts at $10 per month.


Image via InVideo



Q.1. What is a Facebook sale tool?

A. A Facebook kinh doanh tool is a software solution that helps you market more effectively on Facebook.

There are various Facebook kinh doanh tools that can help you with:

Content curationContent scheduling and publishingRunning ad campaigns on FacebookReal-time data and insights gatheringHashtag targetingMonitoring conversations about your brvà & your products/servicesA/B testingCampaign management and reporting

Q.2. What are the best Facebook tools for brands và marketers?

A. The best Facebook tools for brands & marketers include:

MobileMonkeySendinblueShortStackHeyoPagemodoSocialOomphBufferDriftrockFacebook Ads ManagerFanpage Karma

In this post, I have reviewed these and other powerful Facebook sale tools. Feel miễn phí lớn kiểm tra them out.

Q3. How can Facebook be used as a sale tool?

A. With over 2.7 billion monthly active users, Facebook can be a great marketing tool for businesses. It can help you reach, attract, and engage users from around the world and nurture leads to convert them inkhổng lồ high-paying customers.

You can leverage Facebook to:

Build your brand’s online presence.Create buzz about your products & services.Launch new products.Drive more traffic to lớn your trang web or blog by sharing valuable nội dung.Promote exciting discount offers & giveaways.Reach new audiences.Boost sales.

Q4. Is Facebook a good marketing tool?

A. Yes, Facebook is an effective sầu kinh doanh tool that has helped many brands grow significantly. Regardless of the form size of your company, you can leverage Facebook marketing khổng lồ build your brvà, broaden your reach, và keep your customers informed & engaged.

Along with being a powerful kinh doanh tool, Facebook is also a great medium lớn resolve customer problems và enhance customer satisfaction. Many brands use AI-powered chatbots khổng lồ engage with prospects and existing customers via Facebook Messenger.

Q5. How can I market on Facebook for free?

A. Here are a few ways in which you can market your products và services on Facebook for free:

Create a Facebook Page for your business và optimize it.Consistently publish informative sầu & creative content that is relevant lớn your target audience.Encourage your customers to follow you on Facebook & add Review.Join Facebook groups that are relevant to your nibịt lớn broaden your reach.Syndicate your own blog posts lớn generate more exposure for your nội dung.Always respond khổng lồ users’ comments on your posts.Host Live sầu Q&A sessions lớn interact with your audience.Post engaging Stories.

Q6. Is Facebook a B2B marketing tool?

A. Yes, Facebook is a top-of-the-funnel B2B marketing tool that helps businesses generate qualified leads that have a higher potential lớn convert.

As a B2B marketer, you can use Facebook to build brand awareness, increase trang web traffic, generate leads, & drive sầu actual conversions.

quận 7. Is Facebook or Twitter a good kinh doanh tool?

A. Both Facebook và Twitter are effective sầu sale tools. You should know how to use each of them effectively to lớn boost your traffic, engagement rate, và conversions.

quận 8. What are the best Facebook sale tips?

A. Here are the best Facebook kinh doanh tips for you:

You should stay relevant lớn your nibịt và audience.If you want people to bring you good business, you need to lớn offer them great value.You should choose the right target audience for your Facebook kinh doanh campaigns to achieve a higher ROI.You should experiment with different content formats và identify the ones that help you generate maximum engagement.Always measure the effectiveness of your campaigns because you can’t improve what you don’t measure.

Ready khổng lồ Take Your Facebook Marketing to lớn the Next Level?

These tools can help you reach your prospects and customers in a very efficient way. You can start conversations & build relationships.

And you can traông chồng the performance of your posts, and schedule them in a way that has maximum impact. With the right Facebook marketing tools, you can target your customers, and increase visibility and reach. You can build better funnels khổng lồ drive conversions.

All of the tools which we discussed above sầu can help you reach your goals. Now you need khổng lồ thử nghiệm và find the ones that best fit your needs.

Are there any other such tools that have helped you? Tell us about your experiences in the comments below. We would love sầu lớn hear from you.

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Disclosure: This nội dung has a few affiliate links, which means if you clichồng on them, I will get a commission (without any extra cost lớn you).

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