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With approximately 100 million registered accounts, Zalo is becoming a popular OTT application (a term used khổng lồ refer to lớn content providers that distribute streaming truyền thông media as standalone product directly lớn viewers over the Internet) in Vietphái mạnh. It is considered a potential tool for enterprises khổng lồ improve sầu business and/or brands. However, despite the fact that Zalo was born in 2012 while Facebook entered Vietnam giới for three years, this may be a disadvantage for Zalo khổng lồ compete with Facebook. However, when Vietnamese people started being interested in OTT service and other foreign OTT applications such as Kakaotalk và Line have sầu not invested much in Vietphái nam market or Wechat was kicked out because of political issues, Zalo has risen up quickly as a good Made-in-Vietnam application for Vietnamese people. Let see how Vietnamese people use Zalo & Facebook Messenger.

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Facebook Messenger và Zalo are popular regardless of users’ ages. The Vietnamese young people have less ration of using SMS, Skype, Viber and others.

When learning more about the behavior of using Zalo & Facebook Messenger for communication, it can be clearly observed that Facebook Messenger is more commonly used in the community of friends. This trend can be explained by the current large Facebook user community. On the other hvà, Zalo is more popular in exchanging with boyfriends / girlfriends/other friends as it has more private environment than Faceobook. In addition, Zalo is also popularly used for business purposes thanks to lớn the ability to lớn sover messages & HD images effectively. In fact, many companies are connecting with customers via Zalo khổng lồ provide customer service (advice, consulting, following customers’ hàng hóa experience, etc) as it is easy lớn add frikết thúc when knowing customers’ phone numbers.



Access equipment is one of the factors that make the difference between choosing khổng lồ use the application. Specifically, the Zalo messaging application is mainly used on điện thoại thông minh devices despite the fact that it also has PC versions, while Facebook Messenger is commonly used on both điện thoại thông minh và computer devices. This is completely understandable when Facebook Messenger is the widely used application for exchanging messages with multiple audience groups (particularly on PC, when it is a part of Facebook), so it needs interaction from more devices.


Hence, between Zalo and Facebook Messenger, which apps are more popular và why? According lớn a Q&Me survey, in the group of respondents using both applications, 60% chose Facebook Messenger and only 36% chose Zalo. For teenagers (10s and 20s) or young people who choose Facebook Messenger more, the trend is completely opposite khổng lồ the US or other developed countries.

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The majority of respondents selected Facebook Messenger for application reasons that helped connect many friends, many features and lots of information. It can be said that when you spend a lot of time using Facebook Messenger, you can connect with more people. Meanwhile, Zalo is much loved by Vietnamese people because of how easy it is to use. When comparing the “easy to lớn use” ratio and many other messaging features between Zalo and Facebook Messenger, Zalo prevails. In addition, Zalo is highly appreciated by the image transmission feature.


In summary, Facebook Messenger is still dominating in OTT market. However, Zalo is growing fast as very potential competitor. Obviously, it will take long time và long journey for Zalo khổng lồ become the best application as Kakaotalk in Korea or Wechat in China, however, it is suggested to lớn be a good channel (with 100 million registered accounts) for companies to lớn increase their business and/or brands because of some good points. Specifically, hàng hóa advertising has many advantages such as:

-Target is right for your potential audience through your age, gender, dispatch system or around your business.

-Costs are only counted when customers “click” on the ad

-Offer different auction packages to lớn help you save sầu advertising costs

-Zalo minimizes the number of “unreal” customers when users have to lớn register with their phone number.

Moreover, although both applications have sầu group chat features, possibly between colleagues, close friends or family, Zalo has raised khổng lồ new level with chat rooms. The chat room is like a big chat group where you can chat with a multitude of people who are mostly unknown. Chat rooms are divided into lớn many areas, can be divided by regions, or interests, lifestyle, trends.

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Another interesting feature in Zalo that Messenger doesn’t have is “Find around here”. This is the feature that clearly shows the goal of becoming a social network in OTT application when you can make friends, chat with anyone who uses Zalo và tìm kiếm within a radius of a few meters, a few dozen meters lớn several hundred meters around you.

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