Ingenious! facebook cover photo mobile/desktop template 2021

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What is the Facebook protệp tin picture size or Facebook banner size? How wide is the page of your brand? What’s the maximum đoạn Clip upload size? Here are all the numbers you need!


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Trying khổng lồ remember all the different sizes, rules, & specifications for publishing images on Facebook is a fool’s errvà. There are simply too many image types và too many layout changes for any sane person khổng lồ stay on top of the platform’s requirements.

In Facebook’s defense, I’m pretty sure they’re not doing this lớn deliberately mess with us. The company’s on a permanent mission khổng lồ drive meaningful engagement between users & brands & their user interface plays a pretty big role here.

The challenge this presents khổng lồ social media marketers is that they need to keep their ears permanently to the ground, so khổng lồ speak. The last thing anyone working in this space wants is lớn upload an image that gets stretched, cropped, resized, compressed, rejected, or altered in a way that makes their brvà look lượt thích they JUST discovered the mạng internet.

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Fortunately, Facebook marketers have resources lượt thích this page.

Since 2011, has been keeping tabs on ol’ Zuckerberg và his posse, tracking every pertinent change the guys & girls in Menlo Park have sầu made to their platsize, và logging wherever this affects the image & đoạn Clip sizes you can upload.

And guess what… it sounds lượt thích they’re playing our tuy nhiên. It’s time for another update to lớn this immortal post.

So, here we go with the last article you’ll ever need to read about Facebook’s various image sizes and dimensions (although definitely not the last TIME you’ll have to lớn read it).

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