Keyword tool (free) ᐈ#1 google keyword planner alternative


There are dozens of keywords retìm kiếm tools available, but few are as popular as Google’s từ khóa tool. Google’s Keyword Planner tool offers marketers & advertisers plenty of valuable keywords data, such as related search terms, ad group ideas, keywords suggestions, keywords trkết thúc data và more. However, for all its power & versatility, there is one major drawbachồng khổng lồ Google’s từ khóa tool: you need an AdWords account lớn use it.

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That’s why’s miễn phí Keyword Suggestion Tool is an ideal, open alternative sầu to Google"s Keyword Planner that absolutely anybody toàn thân can use, completely free of charge. Whether you"re looking for từ khoá for SEO or PPC, our Free Keyword Tool has you covered.’s Free Keyword Suggestion Tool

To get started with our completely free alternative sầu to lớn Google"s từ khóa tool, simply enter a keyword:

*"s free alternative sầu khổng lồ Google"s keywords tool

If desired, choose your industry và country khổng lồ further refine your từ khoá tìm kiếm results.

Once you enter your starting từ khoá query, you’ll get a danh sách of related keywords searches including popular và long-tail keyword terms along with their monthly estimated search volume in Google:


To get the full danh sách of keyword, just enter your email and we"ll send them all to your inbox, completely không tính tiền of charge.

To get even more từ khoá data to help you plan và execute your paid tìm kiếm kinh doanh campaigns, you can connect your Google AdWords tài khoản through a secure, one-time OAuth connection, và we"ll provide personalized results tailored khổng lồ your specific business và AdWords tài khoản history.


These additional metrics, which are especially valuable to lớn businesses doing paid tìm kiếm advertising, include:

Opportunity Score – This proprietary metric helps you easily identify the keywords with the highest potential to lớn drive results, so you can prioritize your tìm kiếm kinh doanh efforts.

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Competition Level – Understand how competitive your keyword are; a higher competition màn chơi usually corresponds to higher costs per cliông chồng.

Used in concert,’s Free Keyword Tool & the Google Keyword Tool (now called Keyword Planner) are an excellent combination for advertisers seeking lớn exert greater control over their keywords advertising strategies and see greater return on investment from their advertising budget.

Finding Negative Keywords for Google Campaigns

One element of từ khóa research that many advertisers overlook is building a negative sầu keyword list. Just as relevant keyword are crucial to the success of any PPC campaign, so too is a negative từ khoá danh mục, which tells Google which terms your ads should not appear alongside. This reduces wasted budget on irrelevant or non-converting keyword searches.

Adding negatives to your AdWords tài khoản is straightforward, và can be done via the Keywords tab of the main AdWords interface.

As you can see, AdWords allows you to lớn add negatives at either the ad group or chiến dịch màn chơi. What this interface doesn’t offer, however, is a các mục of recommended negative keyword lớn begin with. Check out our article on negative sầu keywords lớn learn how lớn avoid wasting precious advertising dollars.