Beginner's guide to google webmaster tools


Google Webmaster Tools is a không lấy phí service that helps you evaluate & maintain your website"s performance in tìm kiếm results (1). Offered as a không tính phí service khổng lồ anyone who owns a website, Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) is a conduit of information from the largest tìm kiếm engine in the world lớn you, offering insights inlớn how it sees your trang web & helping you uncover issues that need fixing.

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You vì not need to lớn use GWT for your trang web khổng lồ appear in search results, but it can offer you valuable information that can help with your sale efforts.

How GWT can help monitor your website"s performance

1. It verifies that Google can access the content on your trang web.2. GWT makes it possible lớn submit new pages và posts for Google khổng lồ crawl và remove nội dung you don"t want tìm kiếm engine users to discover.3. It helps you deliver & evaluate nội dung that offers users a more visual experience.4. You can maintain your website without disrupting its presence in tìm kiếm results.5. It allows you to discover & eliminate malware or spam problems that may not be easily found through other means.

How GWT helps you understand how Google tìm kiếm views your website

1. It tells you the most popular queries causing your website lớn appear in search results.2. It tells you which queries are driving the most traffic.3. You can see which websites are linking khổng lồ yours.4. You can evaluate how well your Mobile trang web is performing for people searching on tablets and phones.

How lớn set up GWT

Before accessing any data, you have khổng lồ verify that you are the owner, or authorized representative sầu, of the trang web. There are five ways you can verify your trang web. One is not really better than the other, so you can choose which option is the easiest for you (2).

Uploading an HTML file - Google gives you a file with a specific name that you have sầu lớn upload to the root directory of your trang web. The file itself is blank. Its only purpose is to help prove that you have sầu access lớn the website"s FTPhường server và can drop files where they need to lớn go. Once the file goes inkhổng lồ the root directory, just cliông xã on the "verify" button in GWT, và you will have sầu access khổng lồ data.

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Adding an HTML tag - You can also verify the trang web by adding a meta tag provided by Google that you can drop inkhổng lồ the header of your homepage. Once this is in place, click on the "verify" button khổng lồ view data. It"s important khổng lồ note that sometimes homepage code can be challenging khổng lồ find with certain content management system (CMS) themes, particularly WordPress. It is also possible that your code might disappear when you update your homepage, revoking your access khổng lồ GWT data until the tag is replaced.Select the provider of your domain - Google gives you the option of selecting your domain name name provider in a drop-down menu. Click on your provider, & Google will walk you through the steps of verifying your trang web.Use Google Analytics - As the administrator of your website"s Google Analytics tài khoản, you can verify the trang web using asynchronous tracking code placed in the head of your homepage.Using Google Tag Manager - this is a tool that allows you to lớn enter và manage all the tracking tags for your website, including GWT.

Once your tài khoản is mix up và your trang web is verified, you will have access khổng lồ plenty of actionable data that can help you optimize your website. You can receive sầu alerts from Google, adjust settings to lớn deliver specific information khổng lồ your inbox, submit XML site maps và view user queries where your website appeared in search. Learn the basics of using GWT, & you will have sầu a great resource on which khổng lồ base your future kinh doanh decisions.