Hang da market

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Like the name"Hàng Da street"It is in


When you came to interview at that time, "Jollibee" was in the Y-junction.The right side of the Y-junction will be Hàng Điếu street.

Building exterior


This is the exterior of the Hang Da Market.It is quite conspicuous because there are no buildings adjacent to lớn it.

Let"s get in now!

Hansa Market entrance


"Hang Da" Hanse is written at the entrance.

What is sold in this market?


This Hansa market giao dịch with

Batchan ware (underground 1F)SouvenirclothesSundriesFurniture (sofa etc.)Painting (gallery)

It is a shopping market where you can buy etc.


However, even if it is called a market, it was built in 2010, so the building has a new impression.It"s a department store rather than a market.

The store has several floors


You can see that it is a multi-storey building when you go inside.

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First from 1F


Unfortunately this time it was quiet và there were few stores open.The siêu thị that was open had souvenirs.


Each souvenir shop is divided into lớn sections like this, and the name is also given.

State of 2F


Furniture is sold here.


The upper floor has a different impression from the first floor, & it looks like a beautiful general store.


A lot of clothes for women were also sold.

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Souvenirs are on sale here, so it might be nice to walk in the old town and take a break.However, please note that the customer service here is svào và famous.


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