How to hotkey in vape lite


By default, the system sets the mặc định values for threeshortcut keys CTRL+G, CTRL+L, and CTRL+O, while does not set default value for CTRL+U.

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hotkey CTRL_O command-text

unbởi hotkey CTRL_G

CTRL_GSpecifies the shortcut key Ctrl+G for a comm&. -
CTRL_LSpecifies the shortcut key Ctrl+L for a command. -
CTRL_OSpecifies the shortcut key Ctrl+O for a commvà. -
CTRL_USpecifies the shortcut key Ctrl+U for a command. -
command-textSpecifies the associated comm& line for shortcut keys. The value is a string of 1 to lớn 240 characters.

Usage Scenario

You can mix a shortcut key for a comm& that is often used; you can also change the mặc định value of the shortcut key that is defined by the system according to your requirements.


Four shortcut keys are customized by users: CTRL+G, CTRL+L, CTRL+O, và CTRL+U.

By default, the shortcut key CTRL+G corresponds lớn the display current-configuration comm& which displays current configuration.

By default, the shortcut key CTRL+L corresponds khổng lồ the unvày idle-timeout comm& which restores the default timeout period.

By mặc định, the shortcut key CTRL+O corresponds to the unbởi vì debugging all command which stops the output of all debugging information.

After you use the hotkey command to mix a shortcut key for a commvà, you can run the comm& by pressing the shortcut key or entering a commvà.

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One shortcut key can be mix for only one commvà.If you phối a shortcut key for multiple commands, only the lathử nghiệm configuration takes effect.

When assigning a command for a shortcut key, you need lớn mark the commvà with double quotation marks if the comm& consists of several words, thatis, the commvà includes spaces. You do not need to mark the command with double quotation marks if the command consists of only one word.

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# Assign the display tcp status command for the shortcut key CTRL+L.

AC6605> system-view hotkey ctrl_l "display tcp status" display hotkey----------------- HOTKEY ----------------- =Defined hotkeys= Hotkeys Comm& CTRL_G display current-configuration CTRL_L display tcp status CTRL_O unvày debugging all =Undefined hotkeys= Hotkeys Command CTRL_U NULL =System hotkeys= Hotkeys Function CTRL_A Move the cursor lớn the beginning of the first line CTRL_B Move the cursor one character left CTRL_C Stop current commvà function CTRL_D Erase current character CTRL_E Move the cursor khổng lồ the kết thúc of the Last line CTRL_F Move sầu the cursor one character right CTRL_H Erase the character left of the cursor CTRL_I Perform the same fucntion as the "Tab" key CTRL_J Perform the same fucntion as the "Enter" key CTRL_K Kill outgoing connection when connecting CTRL_M Persize the same fucntion as the "Enter" key CTRL_N Display the next comm& from the history buffer CTRL_T Function as a question mark CTRL_P Display the previous comm& from the history buffer CTRL_W Delete the word left of the cursor CTRL_X Delete all characters up khổng lồ the cursor CTRL_Y Delete all characters after the cursor CTRL_Z Return khổng lồ the user view CTRL_> Kill incoming connection or redirect connection ESC_B Move sầu the cursor one word baông chồng ESC_D Delete remainder of word ESC_F Move the cursor forward one word

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