Interstitium là gì

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For granular flows in which interstitial fluid effects are negligible the mechanical behaviour is determined entirely by the forces exerted at particle-particle contacts.
The association of the interstitial layer with the basal lamina could also implicate it in the supportive sầu function.
Approximately 5 % of the alveolar lining was thickened, lacked capillaries and contained abundant interstitial fibrils.
Priming with "reconstructed" blood allows continuous perfusion, since the longer duration of bypass is not associated with formation of interstitial edema.
The clear prime used in circulatory arrest leads khổng lồ only limited formation of interstitial edema, provided that exposure khổng lồ capillary leakage is reduced in time.
Most of the segregation vein is crystallized (approximately 95 % of the volume), but small interstitial glass patches still remain (around 5 %).
Pulmonary complications include effusions and interstitial fibrosis, which occurs in about a fifth of patients.
Several other studies have focused on the nature và position of interstitial white-matter neurons lying deep khổng lồ temporal and frontal cortices in schizophrenia.
The interstitial melt between the dendrites subsequently solidified from above sầu to lớn form composite solid.
Interstitial pulmonary fibrosis is a frequent finding in diffuse disease, whilst in limited cases, pulmonary hypertension is a feature.

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