We’ve long dreamt of introducing Vietnam’s finest dark chocolate to a few of our favorite things. Each signature Maison Marou adds new flavors và textures lớn the cacao we all know & love. The entire series is built on our 65% couverture chocolate, which blends the tart citrus edge of cacao grown in Ba Ria with the near-savory nuttiness of beans from Tien Giang. Expect the unexpected.

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Cashew Praline

Consider this bar a banh ngươi of sorts. We"ve wrapped dark chocolate around candied cashews ground to a crunchy paste.



At some point in history, the crumbs of an obscure French cookie eclipsed their whole. Bakers stopped making the buttery pastry, but kept their pantries stocked with crisp, pastry flakes they called Feullantine. When added khổng lồ chocolate, they too vanish, leaving a crunch that seems lớn come from nowhere.


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Candied Ginger

In the Vietphái mạnh, goodness lies in the gut—not the heart. A good man is “a good stomach”. Not surprisingly, problems of the soul manifest as problems of the stomach. And any old lady can tell you, the best way to lớn cure stomach troubles is a healthy dose of ginger.


Candied Chili

Vietnamese diners refer to their ubiquitous pointy capsicum as the “danger chili”. A sugar bath helps tame its fire, but this bar isn"t for the faint of heart.


Caramelized Nibs

Cacao nibs contain everything you need khổng lồ be a better person: heaps of magnesium, high doses of theobromide (caffeine"s cool cousin) và galaxies of flavor. We caramelized our favorites & coated them in chocolate to lớn help you appreciate just how good they are.

Popped Rice

Everywhere you go in Vietnam giới, friendly souls ask you if you"ve eaten rice yet. While baffling khổng lồ newcomers, locals understand the question as “is someone taking care of you?”. Maison Marou caramelized rice & mixed it inlớn chocolate so you can always answer “yes.”

Marou Faiseurs de Chocolat: 120/4 Street 13, Binch Chieu, Thu Duc District, Ho Chi Minh City Vietphái mạnh Maison Marou Saigon: 167-169 Calmette, Ho Chi Minh City Vietphái mạnh Maison Marou Hanoi: 91 Tho Nhuom, Hanoi Vietnam giới