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In 2011, co-founders Yosuke and Sunny Masuko left their corporate jobs to take on what they considered their life’s work.

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How bởi you two balance your artistic & business interests?

Yosuke: I studied sociology and film in England và Australia. Sunny studied Chinese politics and new truyền thông media in Japan. My decision khổng lồ study an artistic field was influenced by my father, a director of a radio station. I became interested in expression, rather than business. But in nhật bản, the work culture directed me toward my previous career in finance. An invaluable experience that has helped to lớn shape our company building experience with Pizza 4P’s.

Sunny: We’re both artistic people with experience in business. We focus more on art, though we prefer a balance of both. Moving from nhật bản lớn Vietnam giới, the work culture is worlds apart in business and artistic sensibilities. In Japan, we’re trained khổng lồ be disciplined. The space for creativity is limited. In Vietnam, there is an element of unpredictability in business that requires you lớn be creative. If we were 100% business-minded people, we would build an Internet company. Today, we always think about the business. But we can’t create initiatives that are 100% business-oriented. There has lớn be a balance with our artistic senses.


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How did you two transition from your corporate roles in venture capital & truyền thông media lớn making pizzas?

We discussed our plans lớn work on a creative sầu project long before we started. We wanted our next project to lớn be a mutual passion that we both shared. It needed khổng lồ be both of our life’s work.

We left our corporate jobs at CyberAgent first (we were coworkers there for some time). We planned to build a sustainable ecoresort, with a vision khổng lồ move into retail, production, và a restaurant. The inspiration for this started with the pizza oven in our garden.

We enjoyed inviting friends over every weekover. We were well known ahy vọng our friends for our pizza workshops. We had a simple understanding of how to make oven fire pizza. We think that pizza is an easy-to-make food that doesn’t involve intricate steps of preparation. Thus it is easy for everyone, from young khổng lồ old, from every background, khổng lồ enjoy making và eating pizza. We went all over the world eating pizza và trying different ingredients.

We went everywhere… Naples. Bangkok. Singapore. India for the naan & the mozzarella, since buffalo milk is difficult to get in Vietphái nam. Did you know Italian buffalo is originally from India?

Indisputably, we learned a lot from our travels.

Where did you get the Pizza 4P’s logo?

The biểu tượng logo is an adaptation from the Shinsaku Takasugi family insignia “Maru ni Takedabishi”, which comes from Sunny’s side of the family.

We changed it a bit khổng lồ reflect the modernity of our concept.


As Japanese expats, what are the most difficult challenges in managing a business in Vietnam?

Today, we emphakích thước team building, communication, and employee satisfaction. We want everyone that is part of the team khổng lồ be proud of Pizza 4P’s. We want our customers lớn be proud of it too.

We khung the foundation of our team building efforts by using the book The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People: Powerful Lessons in Personal Change. We customize some of the learnings from this book for our restaurant staff.

Why did you choose Ben Thanh khô Market as the location for your new flagship restaurant?

In order khổng lồ become one of the leading restaurant groups in Vietnam giới, we need an iconic and authentic location to associate our brvà with. Ben Thanh Market is a central và historical place.

We looked at 300 locations before we found this one. It took us one year. This location is a 100 year old French colonial heritage building. By putting our location in a heritage building, we hope to lớn respect the history & beauty of the original kiến thiết while introducing a new concept to a larger mass market audience.


Can you tell us about all of the business units & brands under the Pizza 4P’s flagship name?

We have five business units.

Restaurant: our flagship business unit, Pizza 4P’s. Our experimental lower cost option is called Pizza for Good.

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Retail e-commerce: Box 4P’s, which focuses on delivery

Wholesale distribution: selling cheese lớn hotels, foreign restaurants

Production: our cheese farm in Da Lat

Resort: we’ve sầu found a location in Cau Dat & we’re starting the kiến thiết. We want to lớn start with the food experience, the farm, & a worksiêu thị area. Step by step before we start the accommodations.

What are some target goals for Pizza 4P’s in the next 10 years?

We alặng to lớn become one of the leading advanced food experience companies in Asia.

We plan lớn expand overseas khổng lồ Bangkok first and then the rest of Southeast Asia. We’re also exploring the market opportunity in nhật bản. We’re aiming to lớn file for an IPO in the next five sầu years. Our target by 20trăng tròn is $100 million of revenue lớn achieve sầu this goal.

In order to hit these goals, we’re focusing on deeper internet initiatives. We’re also exploring software development for restaurants such as reservation và point-of-sale systems. We’re also taking a look at take trang chính products. We’d love sầu to have sầu our brand in everybody’s trang chủ in order lớn become a true household name in Vietnam & in Asia.

If you two took some time off from Pizza 4P’s, what would you two do?

We would visit restaurants, advanced technology farms focusing on sustainable agriculture, & meet as many architects as we can.

Then we would meditate.

At the moment, we also struggle to balance time with family. Our two daughters were born at the same time that we started Pizza 4P’s. We’d like khổng lồ take them around the world và give sầu them exposure to lớn different types of food along the way. It’s never too early to develop their tastes for food.


What are some nice-to-knows about you two?

We’re workaholics. Very Japanese in that senseWe love sầu nhảy đầm. On our first date, we went to a rave sầu các buổi party. Yosuke: It was risky. Sunny had no idea. Sunny: He said we were going lớn see fireworks, but he was planning to go to lớn the rave the whole time. It was my first rave sầu.Our first overseas experience together was in Đất nước xinh đẹp Thái Lan, at a rave on Ko Pha NganYosuke: I came khổng lồ Vietnam to lớn establish the overseas branch for CyberAgent’s venture capital arm.Sunny: I worked for the media unit at CyberAgent. Yosuke & I met at CyberAgent while working in nhật bản.

Where vị you think Vietnamese tastes for food & drink will go and evolve?

Vietnamese people love sầu cheese & more authentic styles of Italian pizza. We’re seeing more Vietnamese adopt global mindsets & read more into lớn what they’re eating before they make decisions.

Vietphái nam is becoming similar lớn nhật bản as exposure lớn overseas cultures & styles becomes more common. In Vietphái nam, people already have sầu a liking for gourmet flavors, because Vietnamese food is already at such a high culinary level.

Within Southeast Asia, foods are less spicey in Vietphái mạnh & that’s helped khổng lồ cement local trends like Pizza 4P’s. Locals are open to Western flavors. Xứ sở nụ cười Thái Lan, aý muốn other places, has a stronger preference for spicier foods.

So as Vietnamese tastes evolve, has your customer base become more local?

Right now we serve sầu about 70% locals và 30% foreigners. When we started on our first spot on Le Thanh Ton, the location wasn’t the easiest lớn find. We relied a lot on word of mouth. Because we served pizza, rather than Vietnamese food, we weren’t always the first choice aý muốn first time travelers to Vietnam.

What’s it lượt thích sale Pizza 4P’s in Vietnam? What’s your strategy?

None of our core team members specialize in marketing. But we’ve sầu found that social truyền thông and influencer potential is quite powerful if you have sầu a brand.

When we first opened our new Ben Thanh hao market location, the first month saw 90% Vietnamese customers. We allocated zero kinh doanh budget khổng lồ the opening. The soft opening was meant khổng lồ test how much organic traffic we can receive. Word of mouth through social truyền thông media helped to lớn boost the percentage of local traffic quickly.

Our most exciting experience of marketing in Vietphái nam is when we opened our Hanoi location. We were just soft launching & there was no advertisement. On our first day of soft opening, Namster Do arrived by chance for lunch. He shared our opening on Facebook và it received more than 1000 likes and 168 shares. We had an endless number of phone calls over the next 24 hours. After our first day, we had enough reservations to book up our Hanoi location for the next three weeks.

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Who should I talk khổng lồ next?

Shunri Nishizawa, the architect of our lathử nghiệm location at Ben Thanh khô Market.

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