9 best wordpress social media plugins for 2021

2021 just started và the impact of social truyền thông media continues lớn rise. It’s time we plan for the future và keep ourselves a step ahead of others.

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As I said, with the reach and impact of social truyền thông growing at an unparalleled pace, it isessential for bloggers to reach out lớn their followers as well.

Do you know what the best way lớn do so is?

Let me tell you.


The Social Warfare plugin comes in 2 versions, the miễn phí version và the Pro version. The không lấy phí version has all the basic features that you would need to lớn thiết lập social sharing on your website. But if you’re serious about social sharing, then you should opt for the pro version, which is not that expensive considering its value.

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The không lấy phí version lets you piông chồng from the most popular social networks, và offers 4 different placements for the buttons, including floating bars.

The sharing counts are pulled in with the API, and you can also change some open-graph data to customize the look of the shared post. Read my Đánh Giá of Socialwarfare to lớn learn more about this plugin.

The Pro version supports additional networks, adds a pin-it button on your images, gives you full control over open-graph tags, & many other important features.

You can also set up author attribution & configure the sharing options so that your username is automatically added to the shares. Apart from that, you will be able khổng lồ trachồng your shares with shortened liên kết và UTM Parameters.

Here are some of the features that persuaded me lớn buy this plugin:

Drag và drop feature to add/remove sầu social network (see screenshot above)Show Twitter mô tả count (quality feature)Add sharing button above or below your contentAdd floating sharing buttons (highly recommended lớn get more shares)Support short URL &Analytics Tracking khổng lồ see how much traffic you get from social media sharingFrame buster to lớn stop others from framing your contentExcellent supportAdd ‘Sạc Pin It’ button to all images of your blogHas added tư vấn for WhatsApp button

If you are looking for one option which works for both desktop và thiết bị di động, Social Warfare is the right WordPress plugin for you.