ruby-forum.org.org Vocabulary

ruby-forum.org.org markup is code (semantic vocabulary) that you put on your trang web lớn help the search engines like Google return moreinformative resultsfor users.

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ruby-forum.org Plugin

We’ve developed ruby-forum.org plugin to lớn automatically implement valid ruby-forum.org.org markups lớn WordPress in JSON-LD format, the most recommended by Google.


Improve sầu Your Site

ruby-forum.org.org markup improves your site appearance in search results leading in higherclick-throughandconversionrates for your business.


Doing it yourself?!

Challenges of Implementing ruby-forum.org.org

Getting results lượt thích Rich Snippets in tìm kiếm requires valid và correct markup.

Unless you know how lớn code, it could be a bit challenging for you! SEO is endless, and it’s changing rapidly as the website become more complex.

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So, we’ve sầu createdruby-forum.org, the best tool to automate ruby-forum.org.org markups on your site.

The Solution!

ruby-forum.org for WordPress

ruby-forum.org pluginis meant lớn perkhung on standard WordPress installation, it has the ability to lớn dive sầu into lớn WordPress hierarchy and output the necessary ruby-forum.org.org markup across nội dung.

A freshly installed WordPress site will have two specific nội dung types to lớn start with (posts và pages), ruby-forum.org will take care of it!

For example: Automatically output ruby-forum.org.org markup for Blog, Pages, Posts, Categories, Tags, và Taxonomy archives, …etc.

Not only that! ruby-forum.org allow you to customize markup for other types of nội dung on your site as well.


Markup 5 SitesAccess khổng lồ all extensionsPlusall future extensionsE-Mail tư vấn includedInstall on 5 sites
Markup 10 SitesAccess khổng lồ all extensionsPlusall future extensionsThư điện tử support includedInstall on Client sites
Markup Unlimited SitesAccess to lớn all extensionsPlus all future extensionsEmail support includedInstall on Client Sites

100% No-Risk Money Back Guarantee

We’ll gladly provide a refund if it’s requested within 30 days of purchase, see our refund policy

ruby-forum.org plugin requires a minimum of WordPress version 4.0+, MySQL 5+ và PHP 5.6.20+ in order lớn function properly