Secondhand & Preloved Designer Fashion


There are some great places khổng lồ buy and sell used items in Singapore, whether it’s online or in a store.

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For those trying to lớn watch their spending, or simply wanting khổng lồ enjoy the excitement that comes with thrift-shopping, the following websites và shops for second-hand shopping and cool vintage buys are a must-click!


The Craigslist online database is huge, và the process of placing an ad to sell something is quichồng, easy và miễn phí. It offers a two-way tin nhắn relay service không lấy phí of charge, so you don’t have khổng lồ mô tả any of your tương tác details.singapore.craigscác mụ


Regard Gumtree as the nicer-looking version of Craigsdanh sách.

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The two websites essentially offer the same services, but the Gumtree trang web is cleaner, easier to lớn navigate, và lets you narrow your search down to sellers close to lớn you; it has a useful di động ứng dụng


An tiện ích and trang web that makes selling & buying a wide range of stuff, including event tickets, as simple as taking a phokhổng lồ

Expat Living’s noticeboard

Expat Living has its own không tính tiền noticeboard for posting secondhand furniture and goods for sale. Chechồng it out, bargain hunters!

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