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If you want to rank higher & get more organic traffic to your trang web, free SERP checker tools are the great ones khổng lồ help your rankings in the search engines. Let’s look at what a SERPhường is và why a SERPhường checker tool is vital for your business.

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SERPhường checker tools are essential to lớn get an insight which websites are ranking at search engine results & Google rankings for the keyword you targeted. This crucial data you acquired is not only learning the positions you targeted, but also for the strategy that you will follow khổng lồ rank higher.

Ranking higher is quietly equivalent to lớn getting more leads lớn your trang web. With the help of the keyword rank checker, you will be closer as a strategy khổng lồ converting the leads into sales.

Whether you are an agency or a small business, the online ranking và presence is an indispensable optimization for all levels of business you are carrying out.

With the không tính tiền SERP.. checker & tracker tools, you just need to type the keywords you want to follow whether desktop or di động. Once you analyze them, integrate the SEO tools lớn your website in order to audit your website according to the data you acquired from the SERPhường results.

Top 5 Free SERP Checker và Tracker Tools for analyzing your targeted keywords

Here we gathered the miễn phí SERPhường checker & tracker tools lớn help you lớn see tìm kiếm results from any country in real-time. With these không lấy phí tools, you will learn more about the ranking difficulty, organic traffic, and position history. Then, you will have sầu a chance to change your selected từ khóa with low difficult từ khoá, such as more long-tail từ khoá.

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Let’s now compare 5 không tính phí SERP. checker và tracker tools khổng lồ find the best fitted for your business:



Ahrefs offers a limited không lấy phí version lớn analyze the SERP. và trang web rankings for the từ khoá you targeted, there will be an opportunity khổng lồ see the first three ranked websites as free.

Unlike other tools, Ahrefs has plenty of không tính phí SEO tools that you can use and chạy thử your website performance easily. If you would like to lớn see the whole results for your search, you can sign up for a 7-day free trial or paid versions to lớn improve sầu your SEO in an organized way. However, there is no multiple từ khóa ranker entries in their tracker, you can just search for one keyword ranking.

AccuRanker Searchbar


SerpWatch is an advanced rank tracker tool with deep rank tracking insights & workflow optimization. It differentiates with other rank tracker tools in terms of sophisticated image-recognition systems. Also, they particularly show you the exact ranking position of your trang web domain for the từ khóa you entered to lớn their checker.

There is a limitation for the từ khóa you would like khổng lồ kiểm tra on SerpWatch, a maximum of 5 words you can analyze every day as a không tính tiền for your website và see the rankings. You must sign up for further details about the tool provided for the SERP results.


It is so obvious that the right keywords improve your organic CTRs và ranking at the search engines and your trang web will be more visible at SERPhường. These rank checker tools help you to lớn narrow your keyword gap with your competitors and rank higher at the browser you selected for your business.

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Through the effective sầu usage of those tools, there will be no obstacle in converting your trang web traffic to potential sales.

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