How to enable remote desktop on windows 10


AllowAccess to Use Remote Desktop Connection

Before Remote Desktop can be used, permission has lớn be granted lớn the specific accounts that you would like khổng lồ Allow to lớn connect to your computer remotely. This is typically done on your Office Computer.

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1. Click the Start menu from your desktop, and then clichồng Control Panel.


2. Clichồng System & Securityonce the Control Panel opens.


3. Cliông chồng Allow remote access,located under the System tab.

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4. ClickSelect Users, locatedin the Remote Desktop section of the Remote tab.


5. ClickAdd from the System Properties box.

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6. Type your myLSU ID& information foranyone else you would lượt thích lớn add. (This will allowRemote Desktop access to lớn thecomputer which it is phối.)

7. Click OK when finished.


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