24/7 expert live chat support services for your website

Live sầu chat và chatbots

Welcome khổng lồ The Chat Shop. The only full-service provider dedicated to lớn managing onsite chat.

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We add value throughout the online customer journey, leveraging the lakiểm tra AI chat technologies to deliver the best solutions và a better ROI.

By blending Human Chat with Chatbots, we ensure that every conversation is focused on the visitors that need it most – on the conversations that matter. Book a meeting

Our Customers

We work with forward-thinking, ambitious brands that have sầu a desire to either drive sầu more sales or provide the best onsite live chat tư vấn service.




Increasing Sales

My primary goal is khổng lồ generate more leads or to lớn increase the sales made through my trang web.

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Improving Service

My primary goal is to enhance our onsite experience lớn improve customer satisfaction.

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Both Human + AI chat

Driving efficiency & effectiveness.

It’s true, our online chat agents are the best. We nurture talented people & make the most of that investment by integrating AI chat technologies to help them be more effective sầu and more efficient.

By implementing AI chat to handle the everyday enquiries, we release our native English-speaking agents khổng lồ focus on the visitors who need them most & integrate AI inkhổng lồ the agent’s interface lớn help them find the right answers more quickly.

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I’ve been incredibly impressed with the amount of homework that The Chat Shop does, in terms of absorbing what is a complex purchase journey and understanding the hàng hóa khổng lồ being able khổng lồ talk at a very high màn chơi with customers.

– Tobias Kormind, Co-Founder và Managing Director at 77 Diamonds

Want lớn know how 77 Diamonds saw a 332% ROI on profit and a 13.6% conversion rate?

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Allow us lớn bởi the hard work with a fully managed chat solution. By nurturing talented native sầu English speakers, training them to lớn the highest standards & providing them with the best chat technology, we deliver real results for your business.

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Deliver instant sales và customer support. Like real agents, AI needs lớn be managed over time lớn deliver the best results. Our award-winning experts will conceive sầu, create, manage, và optimise AI chat to tư vấn or replace agents.

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Service visitors at scale with the perfect blover of Human Chat and conversational AI. We can satisfy common needs through AI Chat, reserving agents for more complex queries where they can add the most value khổng lồ your business.

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Training & Consulting

Need help with implementation, training or getting your in-house chat team off the ground?

Our consulting programmes are based on 8 of years experience delivering millions of chats.

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AI Chat

Are you looking to radically improve the ROI of your in-house team?

By integrating AI Chat, we release your team lớn really focus on the conversations that matter.

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The only ROI focused provider

We understvà that every business is chất lượng & plug & play isn’t the best solution.

Effective sầu chat is more than just tech, that’s why we design our whole strategy and build it from the ground up for the best results.

Whereas other outsourcers focus only on cost-effectiveness, our primary focus is on ROI, và visitors who chat with us are 7.5x more lượt thích to lớn convert into lớn a customer than those who don’t.

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Talk to lớn us

One thing we’ve sầu learned after 8 years of doing this, is that every client faces different challenges & has different needs.

Let’s chat so we can start to learn about yours.

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