Smart shopping campaigns


Google Shopping app on Shopify

Pro tip: Stay away from choosing the “Smart Shopping” option when configuring the app (more on Smart Shopping later).

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While Google automates a large giới thiệu of the work, the apps & extensions I’ve listed here help you to export your product data feed and usually they will tell if there’s something wrong with it.

If the sản phẩm feed you get from your ecommerce back-end isn’t in great shape, you might need to lớn make some extra changes before uploading it lớn Google Merchant Center.

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This in-between zone is covered by hàng hóa feed management tools. Here are a few examples:

Step 2 – Setting up Google Merchant Center

After your feed is ready, you can create a Google Merchant Center trương mục.

When you are done with that, you have khổng lồ clalặng & verify your store’s domain khổng lồ prove sầu that you own it. You can vì chưng this using Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, or adding a meta tag lớn your trang web.

Uploading Your Product Feed lớn Google Merchant Center

You’re now ready to upload your hàng hóa feed to Google Merchant Center.