We see the enterprise-màn chơi companies with deep pockets hitting the front pages of our favorite social networks. But how can a social marketer without the resources (or let’s be honest, time), compete?

Part of the beauty of social truyền thông media is you don’t need a top-tier ad agency to run a great social truyền thông media chiến dịch. You don’t need a Scrooge McDuông chồng room full of gold coins lớn compete.

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What you need is a plan. That’s where this guide comes in.

We’ll cover what you need to lớn vày to create a social campaign that can compete, how you can trachồng the impact of that campaign to look like a nhân vật internally, and finish with some quick tips khổng lồ jumpstart your strategy.

Brainstorming social chiến dịch themes

The key khổng lồ effective brainstorming is to lớn put yourself in the mindphối that inspiration can come from anywhere và from as many places as possible.

In this section, we have put together a danh mục of resources lớn ignite your brainstorming sessions as you plan out your social truyền thông strategies.


As social marketers, retìm kiếm is one of our most valuable skills, helping us make sure that our own strategies stay on par with trends in the industry.

Instead of browsing aimlessly through nội dung, rummaging through thousands of social profiles, or running endless Google searches, an easy way to lớn streamline research is lớn sign up for as many newsletters as possible.

Newsletters provide insights into lớn the state of the industry, changes in technology, updates khổng lồ social networks, và explain emerging trends và best practices. Here are a few newsletters that social truyền thông media marketers should add to lớn their resource các mục boost your creativity while you brainstorm:

Social Listening Solutions

Social listening should be a priority for any marketer. It’s invaluable when you’re trying to create content specific to lớn audience interest. Social listening solutions enable marketers to lớn discover topics of interest & trending hashtags, và gain insight into lớn brvà sentiment.


Social listening is one of the most effective sầu ways small organizations can access the same data as the larger players.

With diligence, you can listen for emerging trends worth creating campaigns around before anyone else.

During the brainstorming process, listening khổng lồ your audience can help you identify their needs, which enables you lớn create social campaigns that meet those needs, identify the type of nội dung they crave & engage them with your brvà.


Webinars can have sầu a huge impact on our social marketing strategies by enabling us to lớn generate new leads & prospects, nurture existing relationships, and demonstrate expertise in our industries.

During webinars, many businesses will live-tweet along with their users to engage them, answer questions, and keep the online conversation going. Webinars can also provide a way for us to lớn learn, which can spark content ideas during our brainstorming sessions, as they are typically education-focused.

Webinars can provide you with actionable steps lớn take toward more effective social kinh doanh. Social Media Today provides a wide variety of webinars specific lớn social marketers. You can register for upcoming webinars or watch from their library of on-demand webinars.


Forums provide an effective way for marketers lớn identify the topics that are spurring the most conversation online.

Quora is a great resource to lớn discover topics of interest, ask questions, & engage in conversations relevant to lớn your br&. As a brainstorming tool, forums can help social marketers build social nội dung plans that address questions people are already asking.

Sales Teams

Sales is the number one team that social marketers wish they could influence more. So why can’t we look khổng lồ them for insights as well?

Oreo does a great job on social by combining their product with visuals that provoke emotional reactions. Their post promoting their new S’mores Oreos places their product next to lớn a thermos & a telescope, which creates a sense of wonder with reference lớn exploring the wilderness and the unknown.

Share User-Generated Content

Save some time & energy by sharing content that your followers create. Initiate engagement by proactively sharing content that can positively promote your brvà, while also boosting the ego of your audience. And, let’s face it, we all could use a little ego boost from time lớn time. Your audience will be delighted by your brand sharing their content & will be excited lớn chia sẻ the news with their followers. It’s a win-win situation.

Starbucks often posts user-generated content to lớn their social profiles, & typically sees a lot of engagement from its followers. Starbucks asked its followers on Instagram lớn mô tả their cozy moments with the limited Starbucks Red Cup. This single post featuring a Red Cup và comfy blankets received nearly 300,000 likes and collected over 400 comments.

Engage with Your Followers

The beauty of social truyền thông is that it allows for a two-way dialogue between your brvà và its followers.

Ask your audience questions, take a poll, or bình luận on their posts and engage in conversations they are already having on social. The more active sầu you are on social truyền thông, the greater your chances are of increasing your brand awareness. Consistent interaction with your followers will be a fruitful addition to your overall social strategy.

Social truyền thông media went into hyperdrive sầu when users couldn’t figure out if a dress was blachồng và blue, or gold & white. Specsavers took advantage of this trending conversation on social lớn promote their business và have sầu people come in for eye checks. This particular tweet was retweeted over 12,000 times và received over 8,000 likes.


In the consideration phase, you start providing nội dung that is a bit more specific lớn your brand and its offerings. You want to entice your audience to lớn want khổng lồ learn more about your business. Here is where you would provide small chunks of information regarding your brand.

Connect Social to Your Website

It is imperative that you use social truyền thông media khổng lồ drive traffic bachồng to lớn your trang web or your blog during the consideration phase. Your website is a hub for all information related to lớn your br& and your offerings. Your brand’s trang web và blog can even provide e-books and white papers khổng lồ learn more.

IKEA was able lớn use user-generated nội dung to drive people bachồng to their trang web. IKEA highlights the stylish designs of their followers and includes a shortened links lớn their Share Space page on their website, where happy customers chia sẻ their thiết kế inspirations and showcase furniture in their own homes.

Share Customer Testimonials

Your brand loyalists will often nội dung positive sầu đánh giá of your brvà on social. Utilize those customer testimonials to lớn tell a story on your own social profiles. During the consideration phase, your customers are seeking input from other customers that will ultimately influence their purchasing decisions. 92% of people trust recommendations from individuals–even if they don’t know them–over brands, according to lớn TWP Inc.

Myers + Chang, a restaurant in Boston, Massachusetts, retweeted a post from a happy customer. Sharing testimonials increases br& trust & allows your users khổng lồ tell others how amazing your business is, saving you the trouble of having to lớn tell them yourself.

Use Social Media for Customer Service

Your followers on social may often want to interact with you online. They may just be giving your br& a shout-out on social, but may also have concerns or suggestions for your brvà. Don’t be afraid lớn interact with your followers by responding to lớn their questions or thanking them for the mentions. A study from Nielsen found that 33% of customers prefer khổng lồ contact brands using social truyền thông rather than on the telephone.

PinkBlush, an online maternity retailer, responds lớn questions that their followers have sầu on Facebook. In this particular post, a customer asks how fast PinkBlush can ship khổng lồ New Jersey. PinkBlush responded directly to lớn that customer and provided a links back to lớn their website to lớn learn more information & to lớn complete their purchase.


During the intent phase, your customer is at the brink of making a purchasing decision. According to lớn Forbes, 78% of respondents said that companies’ social media posts impact their purchases.

This is your opportunity lớn hit them with relevant content on social truyền thông khổng lồ influence their decision in favor of your br&. Provide a Demo or Special Offer In a survey by Knowledge Networks PDI, 58 percent of nearly 1,800 respondents said they would buy a product after trying it.

Demoing your product on social truyền thông media or giving your users exclusive offers will have sầu a huge impact on your conversion rates. Your goal here is khổng lồ provide an incentive sầu for your followers lớn make an actual purchase.

In their protệp tin, Dollar Shave Club provides a liên kết where their followers are redirected lớn their website khổng lồ sign up for their subscription & have shaving supplies shipped directly to lớn their door. Saturate your protệp tin, even the bio section, with ways for your customers to make easy purchases.


In the conversion phase of the funnel, you’ve successfully guided your customer khổng lồ make a purchase. At this stage, you can now shift your social strategy lớn create br& advocates, or influencers, for your brvà. The type of nội dung created should be shareable nội dung that your followers can deliver khổng lồ their own followings, to guide more leads inlớn the top of your funnel.

Allow Your Users to Share Their Purchases on Social

After making a purchase online, provide an option for your users lớn cốt truyện their purchases with their followings. This will increase brand awareness và influence potential customers, và it requires minimal effort. Give your customers the opportunity lớn brag about your br&.

Create a User-Generated Content Contest

Here we go again talking about user-generated nội dung, & that’s because user-generated nội dung is so important for a successful social truyền thông media strategy.

During the conversion phase, you have the great opportunity to lớn turn all of your followers inkhổng lồ brand advocates by having them create nội dung for your brvà. National Geographic, for instance, asked users to submit photos for a chance to lớn win a trip lớn the Galapagos Islands. National Geographic even hosted all submissions on their website, with sharing options at the bottom of each submission, making sharing on social easy for their visitors.

Post What Users Want

Still at a loss for what kind of nội dung lớn create for your social truyền thông campaign? Here’s a little cheat sheet about the social posts that encourage consumer likes and shares.


Use message tagging

Another simple yet powerful way to track campaign success is using social truyền thông media tagging. This is something you’ll need a social truyền thông media management platkhung to use, but this tool alone makes it worth it.

Create a quality chiến dịch tag for each of your campaigns & whenever you publish a message using that tag. Additionally, tag every inbound message with the same tag lớn ensure nothing slips between the cracks.



Take the time lớn look at the most buzz-generating comments around your brvà and/or industry on social at least once a day. This will give you the màn chơi of depth you need khổng lồ move forward và make better choices.

2. Consulting an Expert

Take a marketer you know và admire out khổng lồ lunch, or approach hyên ổn or her on social & ask for a quick chat. Come prepared with a phối of questions, as specific as possible. We recommover choosing a particular campaign you were floored by, and digging deep khổng lồ find out what you can learn for your own brvà.

We have sầu some social media experts on our staff who are always happy to lớn talk about how Sprout Social’s full suite of social truyền thông tools can help you leverage data khổng lồ come up with new campaign ideas.

3. Talking lớn Customers

This may take the khung of jumping on a call or running a survey, depending on your business. However you consume this feedbaông xã, know that it is one of the most important things you can vì khổng lồ understvà how people who give you money actually think và feel about not only your hàng hóa but your industry at large.

If you’re not in a position where you can talk lớn your customers directly, try and schedule some time with your customer success team. These are the folks who have consistent conversations with your audience và can tell you exactly what pain-points they’re looking to lớn solve. Then you can create custom social media campaigns catered lớn those specific challenges.

4. Learning from Innovators

Doing your research on how marketing executives (including your own!) think & operate is essential. Read interviews with CMO’s from best-in-class brands, & pay attention lớn the initiatives being emphasized on a broader level at your company.

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The strategies and messaging mix at a high cấp độ always impact what marching orders are departmentally–if not now, next quarter. Understvà bold, innovative visions và you’ll be able to come up with & exexinh đẹp creative campaigns that accomplish business goals in your organization.

5. Learn from Non-Business Folk

Some of the best creative ideas you’ll find for social truyền thông media campaigns come from outside business.

Here are some of our favorite quotes from thinkers who focus on expanding creativity and self-improvement. We recommover reading these books when your well has run dry.

“It’s a simple and generous rule of life that whatever you practice, you will improve sầu at.” – Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic: Creative sầu Living Beyond Fear“Whenever you’re at a loss for what move to lớn make next, just ask yourself, ‘ What would make a better story?’ ” – Austin Kleon, Steal Like an Artist: 10 Things Nobody Told You About Being Creative“Champions don’t bởi vì extraordinary things. They do ordinary things, but they vị them without thinking, too fast for the other team to react. They follow the habits they’ve learned.” – Charles Duhigg, The nguồn of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life & Business

6. Give sầu it a Chance

Being able lớn pivot quickly according to lớn data findings is important. No one believes this more than us.

But abandoning a chiến dịch or messaging angle or visual approach because the data doesn’t match your ambitious goals within the first week or month is not the smart way lớn go, because it doesn’t give your message enough time lớn saturate the market, if it is going to lớn saturate the market.

By pivoting too quickly, you risk diluting your brvà story và recognition with too many different messages within too short a time span. This confuses your audience & ultimately gives your competitors an advantage.

We recommend making no chiến dịch less than three months long, and breaking your chiến dịch plan into multiple phases. At the kết thúc of each phase should be a stopping point at which you formally evaluate the data, and come up with an action plan for modifying your plan accordingly.

7. Face the Larger Climate Head-On

Both Cadillac and AirBnB have done an excellent job of addressing 2017’s divisive political climate in a way that:

Faces the climate head-onReinforces their brvà message

This is a tricky balance to lớn strike, since by addressing political themes brands often experience blowback. It’s not a good strategy for every br&. Before putting together a campaign around this, do four things:

Run an audience analysis lớn understvà whether your audience will be positive sầu, neutral, or negative sầu around nội dung of this natureRethành viên khổng lồ stay focused on general emotional connection and stay away from specific political topics or personalitiesWeigh the risk of negative feedbaông chồng vs. a major awareness boostConsider your resources. It’s not worth doing this unless you can vày it well (và, preferably, with video)

If you’re interested in getting political on social, check out our recent data study on the impact of taking a stance on social. Below are the key findings:

People want brands lớn take a stand on important issues, & social truyền thông is the place for itBrands can’t change minds, but they can effect changeBrands face more reward than risk

When your nội dung team is regularly informed about what’s performing well (or not) on social, they can create better content for your social team. When your social team is regularly updated about which content requires promotion to fit br& messaging, hàng hóa offerings, và larger kinh doanh initiatives, they can be more strategic about how they post. Magic can really happen in this intersection.

10. Collaborate Closely with Email

Once you have a clear campaign theme and message that your entire marketing team is driving toward, your tin nhắn sale team begins planning sends. Make sure you’re aligned on these sends so you can figure out how to best tư vấn the larger campaign by driving web visits & nội dung downloads.

If you’re not involved in these meetings now, you should push to lớn be. Previously unexplored collaboration opportunities can make great ideas happen.

11. Make Conversions a Focus

What you vày on social plays a role at every point in the buyer’s journey – all the way from awareness khổng lồ decision. Own that powerfully this year, and fill the gap between awareness and decision.

Content chia sẻ và conversion tracking are useful for leveraging public và private social sharing signals from real customers and prospects to provide you with the insights you need to lớn increase traffic, leads, and revenue by producing & distributing content that drives conversion. This allows you to:

Optimize your content production based on what consumers organically signal lớn be most compelling through complete understanding of how consumers nói qua your nội dung privately (dark social), leading khổng lồ conversion và what other relevant topics your target audience talks about most.Optimize your content distribution through social channels for full-funnel impact from impressions, khổng lồ engagement, lớn visits, to conversions, based on how content performs through posts published by your owned brand social channels.Learn from competitors’ content strategies by analyzing how their audiences engage with competing brvà content on social, so you can target these audiences with relevant messages và compelling offers.

Looking inlớn what campaigns have a tangible impact on your bottom line may help you discover campaigns that will drive amazing results.

12. Run a Competitive sầu Analysis

Regular competitive sầu analysis helps you create benchmarks for your own brand. For instance:

What is the average engagement per day for the br& you see as your competition?How often is their owned hashtag being used on a weekly basis?What does a successful campaign look lượt thích for your primary competitor, in terms of engagement, follower growth, & connection depth (i.e., comments & conversation vs. a simple Like)?

Remember that the brands you benchmark against don’t necessarily have sầu lớn be competitors for dollars in the ngân hàng, or even within your industry: they can be competitors for a certain brand voice or visual association you are trying to lớn foster with your target audience.

Your target audience only has so many hours in the day khổng lồ interact with brands on their social feeds; you want to lớn make sure your brvà is front & center, &, if it’s not, understand why.

If this is a new concept to lớn you, check out our guide on running a competitive sầu analysis on social media!

13. Experiment with Ephemeral Content

I’m talking Snapchat và Instagram Stories here, people. These platforms give sầu you creative freedom as a br&, and a chance khổng lồ infuse your brand with personality in the public eye, increasing brand advocacy and conversions.

Invest time và resources in Instagram Stories (which can be great conversion points from Instagram), Snapchat, and/or Facebook Live sầu. Do your retìm kiếm on brands incorporating these platforms in their campaigns already, & you’ll find inspiration.

14. Identify Your Influencers

We all have sầu a circle of influence, but we may only be influential about certain topics. The same is true when it comes khổng lồ social media, và identifying the people who hold esteem in specific areas can be a challenging task. Influence boils down to three key factors:


The quickest place to start is by looking at the influential folks who are already engaging with your content và talking about your brvà.

Get outside the building

We have a mantra on our kinh doanh team that “the answer isn’t in the building.”

This mantra pushes us lớn validate assumptions by listening lớn actual humans. This is good advice for anyone looking khổng lồ identify influencers on social truyền thông.

Don’t just look for the folks who are tagging your brand in every post & already engaging with all of your nội dung (although, as I mentioned above sầu, you may find some valid opportunities there as well). Look for folks who are driving value in conversations that are relevant khổng lồ your brvà, but not ones that necessarily involve sầu your brand.

Dig inkhổng lồ topics & categories

With Sprout’s Social Listening, discover the most influential & engaged people discussing any topic of your choosing.

15. Put UGC at the Heart of Creative

British Airways recently did this with panađậy. Their #Unforgettable chiến dịch, devised by Ogilvy & Mather, recruited a father & son after they wrote a Reviews thanking British Airways for their Thủ đô New York trip.

The centerpiece of the chiến dịch was a video, which was complemented by a social media competition inviting people lớn giới thiệu their #unforgettable holiday moments, geniusly soliciting UGC from a nội dung piece with its roots in UGC.

16. Team Up

Can you think of any brands that would make good partners during your next social truyền thông campaign? These should be brands that:

Have overlap with your br& when it comes to target audienceDon’t overlap with your br& when it comes to hàng hóa offerings

Co-marketing is a great way khổng lồ expvà your awareness with people likely lớn buy your sản phẩm.

17. Think Retention vs. Acquisition

These should be two different tracks in your social media sale strategy.

On the one hand, you’re trying khổng lồ keep & engage with the customers you already have. On the other h&, you want to, obviously, acquire more customers, AKA ROI, with your social strategy. Some content might appeal to lớn both customers và non-customers, but you should also be creating quality strategies khổng lồ target each of these categories.

In your nội dung calendar, make sure you should have sầu posts & mini-campaigns devoted khổng lồ each of these categories.

18. Inspire on Social, Cthua thảm in Store

This applies if your br& targets young folks, has a brick-and-mortar presence, a pop-up cửa hàng, and/or is sponsoring a booth at a conference.

A recent study by Accenture examines the attitudes và expectations of 18- to 20-year old Gen Z consumers–those already with spending power–along the path to purchase and compares them to lớn Millennials. The study is based on a survey of nearly 10,000 consumers across 13 countries, including 750 U.S. consumers.

While Gen Z is very much a “digital native” group, 77% still prefer lớn purchase in-store. In addition, 44% will go khổng lồ a store khổng lồ get more information before making an online purchase.

19. Think Big, Zoom In

For awareness-generating campaigns, your social strategy doesn’t have sầu lớn be as micro-focused on your value prop và brvà as you think. Once you know who your audience is on social, you can build campaigns that appeal lớn other aspects of their lives & perspectives.

For instance, you might be a hotel chain hyper-focused on medium-budget travelers between the ages of 21-30. You could create a whole campaign around budgeting for travel. The most important thing to remember here is that you need to provide value that is totally unrelated khổng lồ closing a deal: this is an engagement-generating campaign to push people further down the path lớn purchase, not get them lớn book with you immediately.

With a chiến dịch of this nature, if people feel they are being blatantly sold lớn, they will automatically distrust the nội dung you’re surfacing.

20. Better Understvà Social Behavior

There are countless studies and stats being released about how social truyền thông affects the human brain, and how different demographics engage on social. Read ‘em! These studies give sầu you insight inkhổng lồ how people interact with social in general &, ultimately, your brand.

21. Use SEO khổng lồ Inform Themes

Chances are, the words and terms you want to lớn rank for as a brand on Google are the same that you want to lớn be associated with on social. Liên hệ your SEO friend in your organization to find out which words & terms you are focused on, & weave sầu these into your social truyền thông media campaigns. This is especially important as Tweets are now included in Google search results for certain words và terms.

22. Jump on Events

And create follow-up content to make the most of your efforts there. This follow-up content should direct people towards your blog and/or trang web.

23. Stay Relevant to Your Brand

Don’t jump on the #Oscars2019 hashtag if you’re a B2B analytics company. With such a buzz-generating, business-irrelevant event, you’re not going lớn reap any tangible rewards for your business.

24. Understand How Content is Shared

The customer journey is your new kinh doanh funnel. The social media marketer’s job is to move sầu people through the customer journey via social media sharing: from awareness lớn consideration, lớn purchase, to the loyalty và advocacy stages. Make sure you know how your content is being shared across this journey, and across all your active sầu social channels.

25. Take Care of Yourself

This is not a copout tip. Exercise:

Spurs brain growth and boosts brain-building hormonesImproves the brain’s executive sầu functionFights depression, anxiety, panic attacks, social phobias

If you’re sitting at your desk, truly in a creative sầu rut, go take a walk, a run, or a yoga class. Shake it out. Then keep mulling our tips over and put together your Best. Campaign. Ever.


Creativity can sometimes be scarce, but there are actionable things marketers can vì khổng lồ maintain a creative sầu outlook on their social kinh doanh strategies.

In this guide, we provided you with brainstorming resources to lớn guide your social strategy into a more creative sầu direction. When you run inlớn a creative sầu roadbloông xã, you can attkết thúc webinars, engage on forums, subscribe to newsletters, và use social analytics solutions to determine audience interests and best-performing posts. This insight will guide your creative sầu process.

As you build out your social strategy, utilize your influencers lớn create chất lượng content for your brvà và increase brand awareness. Listen lớn your audience to lớn join relevant conversations already happening on social, và to lớn guide your future social strategy. Compare your efforts with those of your competitors, traông xã your content’s performance on social, and adjust your nội dung lớn align with the user at every stage of the sales funnel.

Analyze your efforts by determining your success metrics & use social analytics solutions lớn gain insight inlớn the effectiveness of your social campaigns. The data will guide your future strategies as you jump into lớn your next creative cycle và launch your next social chiến dịch.

Looking for a social truyền thông tool lớn help you plan, exedễ thương và analyze all your social campaigns? Start your own không tính tiền trial of Sprout today and get lớn planning.