Thu golden ticket challenge s to reform, song thư channel


The theme was “Desirable Future” và the Tribe had to lớn imagine their inner child in a future phối in 40 years from now.Bạn đang xem: Golden ticket challenge




Thomas Chamberlain-Keen, Marcelo Simonetti và Tiago Sousa were the winners of the Professional Challenge.

Bạn đang xem: Thu golden ticket challenge s to reform, song thư channel

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Reuben Lane, Tracy Chen và Owein Pourre were the winners of the Student Challenge.

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In 2018, THU celebrated its new trang chính, Malta, and the theme was Lvà of Wonder. This was the year we decided lớn create a category just for students, giving young artists the tools they need to start their careers. Altogether, we received a record number of 835 submissions!

Bjorn Hurri, Art Director & Lead Artist at Opus Artz studio, based in London, UK, won the Professional category. Maximilian Georg Liebscher, a Designer & artist working in Experience Development and Visual Concept, based in Dresden, Germany, won the Student category.

THU Clans

WinnerTe HuNumber of entries192

The theme in 2017 was THU Clans. Each different nationality and individual brings something unique lớn the community we like to refer to as “the Tribe”; a different perspective, a new vision, an interesting context, or a cultural twist.

The winner was Te Hu, a Technical Artist at Industrial Light và magic xlab, based in San Francisteo, USA.The 2017 submissions were incredible, so we also awarded five honorable mentions!

THU Reborn

WinnerGrace LiuNumber of entries184Prize worth€ 5000

In năm 2016, we asked artists to imagine a new world, born from the darkness, where the spirit of the artist is reborn. A world where art is the comtháng language & the future has infinite possibilities.

THU Tribe

WinnerJakob Eirich (Yakonosuke)Number of entries370Prize worth€ 5000

2015’s challenge was all about The Tribe, whatever that means to lớn you: be it a character, a phối of characters, a landscape, or a more abstract concept.

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The winner was Jakob Eirich, a freelance concept artist & illustrator living and working in Salzgitter, Germany.

THU Warrior

WinnerMax KostenkoNumber of entries243Prize worth€ 3500

In năm trước, the challenge was lớn create a THU Warrior. As always, entrants went above sầu và beyond khổng lồ invent some incredibly creative characters.

The winner was Max Kostenko, a talented digital artist from Moscow, specialising in illustration & character kiến thiết.

THU Frikết thúc or foe

WinnerDor ShamirNumber of entries180Prize worth€ 2500

In 2013, we challenged artists lớn digitally create a new character lớn represent THU – the Trojan Horse was a Unicorn mascot.

Dor Shamir struông chồng gold: having always loved creating quality & interesting characters, & fascinated by cartoons & cinema, he drew on his 10 years of experience in the industry to lớn design và perfect his character.

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