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Having a pet is a big responsibility, và making sure it’s cared for can add up. We’re talking high-chất lượng food & treats, toys, grooming products... & the danh mục goes on.

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To help you save some bucks without skimping on unique, we’ve rounded up a few pet supply shops & products on Taobao. Afterall, the site is a treasure trove sầu and even if you don’t underst& Chinese — Google Translate gets the job done.

Comtháng Search Terms

To help you along with your shopping, here’s a compilation of commonly searched pet supply items. Just copy & paste the characters inkhổng lồ Taobao’s tìm kiếm bar & scroll away!

Dog/cat beds狗窝 / 猫窝
Dog/cat food狗粮 / 猫粮
Dog/mèo treats狗零食 / 猫零食
Dog/mèo collars狗狗项圈 / 猫咪项圈
Dog/cat apparel狗狗衣服 / 猫咪衣服
Dog/mèo toys狗狗玩具 / 猫咪玩具
Dog/mèo toilet pads & trays狗厕所 / 猫厕所
Pet carrier bag宠物外出包
Pet food bowls竉物碗
Pet poop bags宠物拾便袋
Dog leash/harness狗狗牵引绳 / 狗狗胸背
Cat scratching post/tree猫抓柱子 / 猫抓爬架

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One-stop Shops

For those who are lazy & want lớn find everything under one roof, we’ve curated this các mục of one-stop shops that have sầu pretty much everything you require for your precious pet.

1. 疯狂小狗旗舰店 | For pet food, shampoo, & vitamins


Literally translated khổng lồ ‘Crazy Puppy’, this store boasts a rating of 4.8/5 so you can be assured you’re getting high quality products. Here, you’ll be able to lớn find a wide range of kibble, snacks, and health products that your pets will need.

2. 鲁芯鲜旗舰店 | For pet cleaning và grooming supplies


Catering to both dogs và cats, expect lớn find products lượt thích ear washes, deodorisers và antiseptic creams from this brand. Most of their products also come with instructional videos so you can get a step-by-step guide on how to lớn install or use them on your furry companions.

3. 蹭蹭宠物智能用品 | Pet monitor with in-built treat dispenser


Every owner wonders about the mischief their pet gets up to lớn at home when they’re not around. This wall-mounted pet monitor not only allows you to lớn watch your pet via a dedicated app, it even allows you lớn dispense treats to lớn them remotely. If you want to train a brainy pet, the store also has a bunch of fun puzzle treat dispensers!

4. 猫狗的使命 | For on-the-go items


Make picking up your dog’s waste better for the earth with these biodegradable poop bags made from plants instead of plastic! These baggies come with a stylish, compact dispenser that can be attached lớn leashes; you can even use it lớn hook soiled bags if there are no bins around. Don’t forget this handy water bottle-cum-treat dispenser lớn keep them happy & hydrated!

For Your Dogs

5. 爱它宠物用品专营店 | For dog beds

One of the best parts of owning a pet is being able lớn buy đáng yêu things for them to use — and for you khổng lồ gush over. This store has an assortment of kennels, beds and cushions that will make any doggo feel like royalty.

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6. 舒耐宠物用品旗舰店 | For dog leashes và cones

Whether it’s walking your dog or trying to prsự kiện them from licking a wound, you’ll want them to lớn feel comfy while looking cute. Check out this store for a range of colourful collars, leashes và cone-of-shames.

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For Your Cats

7. 美琪宠品 | For cát trees and scratching posts

Our feline friends tover lớn jump and scale higher than our canine companions, so getting a cát tree not only gives them a place to play, it doubles up as a bed too. Look for one with scratching posts too as cats scratch khổng lồ mark their territory as well as to lớn groom their claws.

8. Zeze旗舰店 | For quirky mèo toys

Not only does this store have a ton of fun toys và scratching posts that your kitty will love sầu, the funky options are sure khổng lồ add some colour khổng lồ your home too! Besides toys, they also have sầu cát litter & grooming tools for you khổng lồ kiểm tra out.

9. 上上签家具 | For mèo wall shelves

Cat wall shelves are the perfect solution to freeing up living space for the humans at trang chính while giving our pets somewhere to hang out. This mèo wall is made up of customisable parts lượt thích bridges & boxes so that you can customize the sky haven to your liking. P.S. Cheông xã out the đánh giá for pictures of đáng yêu cats playing on these shelves. According to buyers, the wood is sturdy and safe!

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