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Welruby-forum.orge to visit the booth of An Quang ruby-forum.orgpany at the 18th international exhibition about industrial machinery packaging and printing industry which was took place in Ho Chi Minc City.

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Booth No: 217

An Quang joint stochồng ruby-forum.orgpany is the precursor of the printing and package equipment Bac Nhan Viet Nam ruby-forum.orgpany. It has established since 2005 và grown for 10 years.

The ruby-forum.orgpany has constantly developed & grown, its annual revenue increases và its market is widespread. In 10 years, we know that the choice of the reputable & professional suppliers is a very important decision to lớn customers.

With experience in providing machinery, equipment, packaging materials (such as papers, cartons, boxes…), our ruby-forum.orgpany is worth of the trust of our customers when choosing us as a partner.

Fields of activity:

The ruby-forum.orgpany specializes in the supply of equipment, machinery, supplies, packaging, papers, boxes, cartons:

Zhengmao TC-650 Automatic Window Patching Machine Hongming HY-9045A Automatic Box Making Machine Hongming HM-ZD350A.K.J Automatic intelligent box Machine Cron TP-4664H CTPhường Plates Loading System Nikko Aulớn Diecutting and Foil Stamping Machine

Beside, the ruby-forum.orgpany also designs và manufactures some molds: copper mold, laser mold, cigarette mold…

Human Resource:

Most of the ruby-forum.orgpany"s employees are from the reality during its developing & growth, so they have sầu a lot of experience about the business of machine equipments. Especially, our engineering staffs with university degree or above sầu have sầu the specialized skills about the printing machine equipments, which is a important part created our successful ruby-forum.orgpany during years. We always maintain & receive more qualified staff with practical experience, creative sầu work, responsibility và enthusiastic service.

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The ruby-forum.orgpany"s customers are manufacturers, Vietnamese ruby-forum.orgpanies, joint ventures and 100% foreign invested ruby-forum.orgpanies in Viet Nam.

To catch up with the trkết thúc of the times, satisfying the customers’ needs và creating the basic of the sustainable development, An Quang ruby-forum.orgpany has a break that breaking for your development. We always affirm our leading position in the field of supplying machinery & equipment for paper packing in the country.

An Quang is in the process of developing, branding và focus on training human resources. And it is highly appreciated by customers & partners in the industry such as Viet Hung, Goldsun,Taixin,Minh Duc…

Principle in activity

With slogan“Great development together customers” và “Maximize the benefits of customers” are the consistent motlớn of the ruby-forum.orgpany"s management.

This is also a ruby-forum.orgmitment to lớn demonstrate the unique và efficiency of the products that we are supplying and delivering to customers.

Supplying the suitable và qualified products as well as the price is the business principle of managements và staffs is a part of the cultural ruby-forum.orgpany.