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ABOUT TIKI CORPORATION In March of 2010, Tran Ngoc Thai Son, Tiki’s Founder cum Chairman of Board of Directors, started his startup journey from selling books online with only 10 employees. Having many years of working experience for E-commerce companies & startups, Mr. Thai Son realized the potential of the E-commerce market in Vietnam along with its limits in products & services. Thus, he has gradually turned Tiki from a solely online book selling trang web inlớn the most reliable E-commerce platform with diverse categories serving millions of customers all around Vietphái mạnh.

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Throughout 9 years established & developed with the mission “Customer First,” Tiki has gone through drastic changes within itself and become the top leading công nghệ company of E-commerce field in Vietphái nam. In Quarter 4 of 2018, Tiki was made it into lớn Top 2 Most Visited E-commerce Websites in Vietnam giới và inkhổng lồ Top 6 in South-East Asia. Then, Tiki once again got into lớn Top 2 Most Visited E-commerce websites in Vietnam giới in Quarter 1 of 2019. Especially, Tiki was the first company in Southeast Asia khổng lồ pioneer TikiNOW – the 2-hour delivery service.

This impressive growth was the result of concentration in human resources development. Tiki was awarded Top 1 Best Place khổng lồ work in E-commerce field in 2018 in Vietphái nam, with more than 3,000 young, talented & ambitious employees nationwide who dare khổng lồ try new things và challenge the limits. Tiki always gives the employees opportunities to lớn show their abilities, khổng lồ propose & develop their innovative ideas with the mentorship and leadership from international veterans whose backgrounds are from Amazon, Coupang, Facebook, etc.

ON THE JOURNEY TO SEEKING FOR TALENTS Tiki always welcomes dynamic “warriors” who are willing lớn approach and solve complicated challenges in E-commerce and giải pháp công nghệ fields. Before joining Tiki, there are three “No” that you, the “warriors,” need lớn consider:

No keeping silent when facing leaders’ decisions. Having our culture “Democratic – Straightforward”, you are the missing pieces in our team. Be proactive sầu in raising your opinions and proposing your solutions to optimize work efficiency. All ideas are respected and “deserved khổng lồ be heard” no matter which màn chơi you are.

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No worry about the benefits, Tiki got your back! Besides salary, bonuses, health insurance, team building activities, you are also encouraged và supported khổng lồ join English club, Chinese club, etc. Moreover, you have sầu không tính tiền vouchers of TikiNOW when shopping with Tiki, special discounts on Tiki trang web, doing exercise more regularly with gym packages or joining periodical football tournaments, etc. Last but not least, you are even given with special gifts và benefits when you get married or have babies, etc.

No leaving Tiki too soon because your chances lớn grow in Tiki are always available. With such rapid development in Tiki, you always need to challenge yourself and break your limits khổng lồ coordinate with other colleagues from different departments lớn cope with and overcome many challenges.

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Although fast-track changes of the market & society are made every day, you will not only witness this clearly when working for a leading technology company like Tiki but also will be a part of it khổng lồ make the hugely positive impacts on both the market & the society. “Being one of the fastest growing companies in Vietnam, Tiki concentrates on recruiting dynamic & determined candidates with great passion to learn. We keep searching và hunting candidates who are devoting to work, willing to giảm giá with complicated & challenging problems in E-commerce in Vietphái mạnh. As a result, we can contribute to lớn develop the future of vibrant online shopping experience for Vietnamese people,” shared Sakshi Jawa – Chief People Officer of Tiki.

Our 9-year journey from an online book selling website lớn a E-commerce platkhung with diverse categories is similar khổng lồ the way each and every thành viên in Tiki tries their best lớn be the best version of themselves. Being a part of Tiki is not merely about working, you are also given the chance to participate in a process where we provide the best values khổng lồ the customers, the market & the society. And as a highlight amuốn these values, Tiki Foundation project is one of the most important steps khổng lồ help accomplish our mission lớn devote the best things to lớn Vietnamese people.

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