People spend a lot of time on YouTube—falling down rabbit holes, searching for how-tos, checking out music videos, và laughing at funny clips—but we found our entertainment there more than ever this past year spent at home.

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Today, YouTube announced the top-trending videos on the platsize this year—the new uploads (excluding music videos) that got a whole lot of views, but mostly sparked a great deal of conversation.A mix of vids from some of the biggest YouTubers, ruby-forum.orgmentary on current events, uploads from celebrities, & clips from quarantine, they all represent this unpredictable year in one way or another. Below, find the top-trending uploads và give sầu "em a watch if you"re eager khổng lồ reflect on the past 11 months.

10. Some Good News with John Krasinski Ep. 1

Views: 18.3 millionChannel: SomeGoodNewsWhat lớn know: In the middle of the first lockdown, actor John Krasinski tried khổng lồ bring some smiles into fans" lives by launching Some Good News, his unofficial news broadcast highlighting good things going on in the world. The first episode, which includes a reunion with The Office co-star Steve Carell, was a hit.

9. Quarantine Stereotypes

Views: 41.1 millionChannel: Dude PerfectWhat to know: Just about everybody toàn thân fell inkhổng lồ at least one of several clichés of how they spent their year in lockdown, from going pants-less on Zoom calls from their at-home page office or giving yourself a haircut at the kitchen table. Popular ruby-forum.orgedy/stunt collective sầu Dude Perfect captured just about every one of those stereotypes in this Clip that is certainly hashtag relatable.

8. Ricky Gervais" Monologue - 20đôi mươi Golden Globes

Views: 16.5 millionChannel: NBCWhat to lớn know: One of the few pre-pandemic videos on this danh mục, but a pop cultural moment nonetheless: host Ricky Gervais" opening khổng lồ the 2020 Golden Globes. It may be hard to remember a time when we got to lớn see movies in the theaters, but here, Gervais roasts a handful of stars from them.

7. Minecraft Speedrunner VS 3 Hunters GRAND FINALE

Views: 51.1 millionChannel: DreamWhat to know: Gamer YouTube has always claimed a big chunk in popularity on the platsize, but this year it took off even more with people having lớn socialize online. This đoạn phim is over 40 minutes of Minecraft, and it"s pretty wild to watch as YouTuber Dream tries lớn beat the game while three of his friends play against hyên ổn.

6. I"m ruby-forum.orging Out.

Views: 36.3 millionChannel: NikkieTutorialsWhat lớn know: Beauty vlogger Nikkie de Jager, who has been sharing makeup tutorials often featuring celebrity cameos for over a decade, revealed lớn her fans that she"s transgender at the start of 20đôi mươi. It was a big moment in the online beauty ruby-forum.orgmunity, not only because de Jager rarely discusses her personal life in videos, but for representation.

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5. I Bought The World"s Largest Firework ($600,000)

Views: 56.7 millionChannel: MrBeastWhat to know: The title of this one says it all: The ever-viral prankster MrBeast pulled one of his most explosive sầu challenges yet, purchasing the most expensive và biggest fireworks available.

4.We Broke Up.

Views: 33 millionChannel: JeffreeStarWhat lớn know: What would a YouTube year-kết thúc các mục be without a bit of drama from famous vloggers? This was one of the biggest of the year, featuring makeup mogul Jefkhông lấy phí Star informing fans of his breakup with his longtime boyfriover, skateboarder Nathan Schwandt.

3.First Debate Cold xuất hiện - SNL

Views: 29.9 millionChannel: Saturday Night LiveWhat to know: The 20đôi mươi election was inescapable—& as overwhelming as that was, it at least made for a few memorable skits on Saturday Night Live, one of thembeing a reenactment of the first presidential debate that made everybody"s heads spin, with Beông chồng Bennett playing moderator Chris Wallace, Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump, and Jim Carrey"s debut as Joe Biden.

2.Building the Perfect Squirrel Proof Bird Feeder

Views:49.8 millionChannel: Mark RoberWhat to know:Popular YouTuber Mark Rober, who is a former NASA engineer và has a channel devoted lớn sharing science experiments and inventions, went above & beyond in explaining how to lớn build the perfect bird feeder. Instead of a simple how-to lớn meant for yard-obsessed dads, he shows off an obstacle course he created to not only keep the squirrels away, but demonstrate how much freaky agility those tree rats really have sầu.

1. Dave Chappelle — 8:46

Views: 29 millionChannel:Netflix Is A JokeWhat to lớn know: Following the death of George Floyd, who was pinned down on the kneông chồng by a police officer"s knee for 8 minutes and 46 seconds, Dave sầu Chappelle hosted a stand-up special that was unlượt thích most of his other acts. Rather than cracking jokes throughout, the event that was held in-person in Ohio, with appropriate COVID-19 restrictions in place, & then made inkhổng lồ a không lấy phí, public Clip was a ruby-forum.orgmentary on the violence and excessive policing ruby-forum.orgmitted against Blaông xã Americans, intended as a social address.

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