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As one of the first premium and professional wedding planners in Vietphái nam, The Planners specializes in full wedding planning, kiến thiết and execution. We offer professional service khổng lồ all Vietnamese và international couples in holding weddings & events throughout Vietnam giới & beyond. Our hands-on approach makes our weddings & events tasteful, distinctive, & memorable for not only our couples but also their guests.

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| Our Services |

The prominent aspect of our company is our tailoring, premium wedding planning, thiết kế, và management service. We have sầu designed our services to lớn closely meet your requirement since we know you are looking for a detailed, well- planned & personalized assistance for your once in a lifetime event.

We are proud lớn deliver our services khổng lồ hundreds of couples for over a decade. Let"s take a look at the beautiful set-up và unforgettable moments that we have sầu created for them.


Tom & Jeannette | Da Nang

The Twilight Beach Wedding

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Linc & Viet Anh | Hanoi

Eternal Red

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We find so much joy and satisfaction in creating beautiful things. From styling lớn themed events lớn proposals, we are thrilled lớn utilize our creativity and create memorable moments.

“I worked with Quynh Anh for 11 months in preparation for my dream wedding. It felt to lớn me that Anh was more lượt thích a maid of honour whom I entrusted my wedding with and some one who really put her heart to lớn the job. She...”

- Linh & James -


“"The Planners was an absolute dream khổng lồ work with. We reached out in March for our January wedding & they were so on top of communication. All our questions were answered almost instantly and choosing them was probably...”

- Bao Vi & John -


“A big thank you to lớn The Planners for always being there for us in the last 8 months. You have been very patient và supportive to lớn us the whole time. You never say no or impossible - that's the most important thing lớn us...”

- Quynh & Andriy -

“We were very lucky khổng lồ have sầu Van as our partner throughout the wedding planning process. She’s super smart and was able piông chồng up our sometimes-complicated requests very quickly, without the needs for us to lớn explain too...”