Voucher & Dịch vụ cực phẩm 05-2022

a piece of paper that can be used to pay for particular goods or services or that allows you khổng lồ pay less than the usual price for them:

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The voucher is valid between July và December & entitles you lớn ten percent off all overseas flights.
in the U.S., a scholarship (= money khổng lồ pay for studies) that allows a student to lớn attend a private school rather than a public school:

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a piece of paper that is a record of money paid or one that can be used khổng lồ pay for particular goods or services:
a printed piece of paper used lớn pay for particular goods or services, or to pay less than the usual price:
a piece of paper that shows that money has been paid for something or that someone"s accounts are correct:
About 70,000 fewer families got housing vouchers at the kết thúc of last year as compared to lớn the year before thanks lớn the cuts.
Nationwide, blighted high-rise towers were demolished, & vouchers were used to transfer much of the burden of sheltering the poor khổng lồ the private market.
Furthermore, the state publishes standardized kiểm tra results for voucher students even if the school isn"t big enough to lớn get a performance score.
The education system is suppose to lớn help kết thúc the cycle of poverty, the voucher sysytem will act as a catalyst.
Delta is issuing $200 vouchers to any customer whose flight was canceled, or whose travel plans were postponed longer than three hours.
Vouchers representing interest payments were attached to lớn the 30-year bonds that were denominated in amounts of as much as $100 million.
A "voucher" is usually a certificate of specified cash value that is redeemable for the purchase of goods or services.

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They oppose for-profit charters as well as vouchers, which are government-funded subsidies that help parents pay for private schools.
The department said vouchers saved taxpayers about $15 million last year because the average voucher is $3,292 cheaper than the average allotment for a public school student.
Those poor results wouldn"t have triggered the school being removed from the voucher program this year, though.
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